SFX System Committee, March 11, 2015

Conference Call


MEMBERS PRESENT: Xiaotian Chen (minute taker), Andrea Imre (chair), Stacey Knight-Davis, Joanna Kolendo, Andy Meyer, Jim Millhorn, Jeffrey Matlak, Steve Oberg 

Denise Green, Paige Weston


  1. Updates

    1.  SFX 4 with 4.7.2 SP.  Overall, CARLI office believes that this version is not as a big deal as it sounds from Ex Libris and finds nothing that worries CARLI office people.  The only thing people may want to pay attention to is Elsevier automation, a new feature that automatically updates and activates institutional entitlements on the Elsevier Science Direct targets.  Paige will send out notice on who has Elsevier targets activated. 4.7.2 SP is on CARLI members test server for testing till Friday, and then will be implemented in the production server.  The committee had a discussion on Elsevier targets and other features of the new release.  Steve is excited about the KBART export option. 

    2. Training videos will be available again soon. On server’s side, there are some technical issues to resolve.  Steve said that they are very helpful.


  2. Discussion Items
    1. Webinars in progress.
      1. Stacey has submitted one. 
      2. Andy, Paige, and Steve have another one (on display logic).  Steve is working on it. 
      3. Andrea’s project on reviewing weekly updates was also discussed.  There was a proposal to divide the weekly update session into 3 sections: one overview, one on Text report, and one on HTML report.  After discussion, it is decided that the committee go ahead and record the audio and get out the session for one year and see.  Andrea proposed that someone else do the audio.  The committee likes Andrea’s voice.  Andrea will record the audio.
    2. Open conference call (Feb 18, 2015) review.  Denise thinks it was a great call and everyone agrees.  Andrea thinks that the same game plan should be used for the next open conference call.  There were good questions on display logic, weekly updates, and look and feel (simplified template). The next open conference call is schedule on May 20.
    3. Some needs from CARLI members were identified from the survey.  One is adding a chat feature on SFX menu.  Andrea has drafted a message to 5 members who are interested in this and sent to the committee.  The committee thinks the draft is good.  The second one is incorporating ILL. The committee is not sure what exactly those CARLI members want on ILL.  Paige sent out the list of libraries having activated DOCDEL targets.  The third one is local holdings information.  Denise and Xiaotian agree to offer help to those who ask.  The fourth one is SFX menu customization.  The committee would like to know more specific information.  Andy, Paige, and Stacey will work on a webinar about how to migrate to simplified menu, after we hear responses to Andrea's email.
    4. OA/FREE targets – Denise sent the committee an OA file 2 days ago.  The file has 3 sheets, with the first sheet considered as the Tier 1 OA targets (which are supposed to be more reliable) for CARLI members to consider.  Denise suggested that we post the file on CARLI Web site, even though the file has to be updated from time to time.  Some free trial target in the Tier 1 list will be removed.  There was a discussion on some of the targets.  Question was asked why Wiley created free targets based on years.