SFX System Committee, January 14, 2015

Conference Call


MEMBERS PRESENT: Xiaotian Chen, Andrea Imre (chair), Joanna Kolendo, Jim Millhorn (minute taker), Jeffrey Matlak, Stacey Knight-Davis.

MEMBERS NOT PRESENT: Andy Meyer, Steve Oberg.

Denise Green, Paige Weston, Mary Burkee


  1. General Updates
    1. Paige noted that the OVID parser was scrambled in the latest update.  A fix is in the works on the SFX end.
    2. Denise continues her work on the instructional video collection.  She indicated that there would not be any major new SFX software releases in the near term.
    3. I asked whether anyone had worked or had experience with the so-called update to U-Stat.  The answer was a resounding—no.  Evidently, I am the only member of the committee who still works with U-Stat.
  2. Discussion Items
    1. SFX button design customization. Denise confirmed that a number of institutions responded favorably to the offer to redesign their SFX button.  She is formulating a proposal for the next ELUNA conference to study whether there is a correlation between button design and clickthrough rates.
    2. Pathfinders. Paige forwarded an invitation for all interested parties to attend the open conference call scheduled for 10:00 on February 18.  She is anxious to hear feedback and field questions from the target audience.  Andrea remarked on the wealth and variety of videos and links on the pathfinder page.  Denise reminded the committee that there more videos were in the works.  Paige mentioned the need to produce a video focused on SFX admin login and a roadmap of the admin menu.  Evidently, Andy has already done something along this line.  The response rate for the open conference call will determine if there should be a follow-up.
    3. Member survey planning team. Rehashed a discussion that Andrea, Denise, Xiaotian and myself conducted last week.  The principal conclusion was to focus on what Andrea termed as “low hanging fruit.”  In other words, Andrea proposed to respond directly to those institutions who voiced specific requests for help within the survey. Andrea and Denise are going to follow up with three institutions.
    4. Peer-to-peer mentoring program. Andrea suggested that the above three institutions be contacted by letter with an offer to advise and mentor.  If the response was favorable the committee might consider broadcasting a letter to a broader spectrum of CARLI libraries.  Andrea proposed drafting a model letter.
    5. SFX  FREE/Open Access targets. Andrea indicated that there had not been any work on the topic of late.  However, the intent of the project remained the same, that is, to promote and prioritize open access targets of high value.

      The meeting concluded at 10:35.  The next meeting is scheduled for February 11.