SFX System Committee Minutes: 11/07/2018


Members attending: Katrina Bromann, Laurie Sauer, Erika Wade Smith, Suzanne Wilson, Andrea Imre

Members absent: Stephanie Baker, Steve Brantley, Geoff Pettys, Lisa Wallis.

CARLI Staff attending: Denise Green.

Full Meeting Postponed:

Since only four members total were available at the start of the meeting, the group collectively decided to postpone major business, and instead make a decision about the topic of the next quarterly meeting, and give general feedback regarding the action items from the last meeting.


CARLI Update

a. Upcoming CARLI events
i. Denise let us know that there will be a Change Management Forum at the University of Illinois at Chicago on April 2
ii. There will also be a preservation workshop on May 8th at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library in Springfield


The Decision was made to postpone a more thorough meeting until more committee members were able to be present

Tasks Assigned:

1. Informal minutes taken by Erika
2. Erika to send a reminder of the tasks assigned last time, to be discussed at the next meeting:
i. Review decision making process for collections to keep active in local instance – Denise, Erika, Andrea
ii. Explore decision making process for Free/OA targets – Denise, Geoff, Katrina
iii. Explore data stats for usage to retain from current system – Denise, Laurie
3. Everyone should take a look at the Ex Libris documentation on Alma


1. Discussion of Elsevier autoload. Has some neat features, but need to be cautious about the thresholds.
2. Denise looking for feedback via email on Documents sent out before the meeting
3. Follow up on Unpaywall (previously OADOI) tool discussion from last week. Andrea and Erika are going to look into their usage stats for the tool.
4. Discussion of Alma documentation. Denise, Sue, and Andrea intend to look into the further and report back.

Meeting adjourned at 10:30 a.m.
Next meeting:  
Wednesday, December 5, 2018 at 10 a.m.