SFX System Committee Minutes: 04/25/2018


Attendance: Karen Gallacci, Andrea Imre, Max King, Geoff Pettys, Laurie Sauer, Erika Wade Smith, Lisa Wallis

Members Absent: Steve Brantley, Peter Tubbs

CARLI Staff Attending: Denise Green


1.    Comments on meeting minutes from last meeting. Approved without revision.

 CARLI Update 

  •  Many CARLI events in May & June, https://www.carli.illinois.edu/calendar
    • Webinar May 9 at 2:00 pm: overview of new VuFind, designed to help libraries introduce it to their institutions
    • CARLI is co-sponsoring two ACRL events in May: ACRL Scholarly Communications Roadshow on May 4; and Engaging with the ACRL Framework on May 14
    • Voyager cataloging training May 22-23
    • Instruction Showcase May 31
    • An announcement is due soon about upcoming MS Access reporting training to be held June 13-14
    • No news on I-Share Next RFP
    • Time to volunteer for a CARLI committee; if you are currently on a committee and your term is ending you do need to submit volunteer application if you wish to continue to serve.

Discussion items:

Discussion items:

  1. Follow up on new VuFind action items. See the list at the end of these minutes.  
  2. Default delivery location implemented. Max says this is working fine.
  3. Andrea is interested in getting feedback from staff at her institution prior to going live and asked how much feedback Max got from his staff prior to going live with VuFind 4. Max said there was very little feedback prior to going live, but after going live some staff reported small problems. Overall the rollout at IIT went fairly well.
  4. This committee’s VuFind 4 suggestions that were implemented were well received: hide eresource; journal title search; SFX button.
  5. Andrea raised two concerns: 1) It is not easy to toggle back and forth between I-Share and local catalog; 2) Facet display on the right ranks by holding library and maybe this needs to be different to show the local library.
  6. Annual project/deliverable:  Due Thursday May 31, 2018. Started at SFX and VuFind4 OPAC Google Doc. Max and Karen will write Erika and Geoff will help edit.
  7. Committee Annual activity report due mid-May. Max and Karen will write Erika and Jeff will help edit.
  8. Next steps for VuFind 4 at IIT. No discussion on this topic.
  9. Next meeting date: June 6 at 10:00 am. The meeting was adjourned at 10:40 am.

As of April 25, 2018

VuFind Discussion items:       

i. Action item: Committee will test VuFind 4 keyword relevancy after Denise and colleagues work to improve it.
Report from Denise: No further complaints have been heard, so perhaps issue is resolved with recent updates to VuFind 4.
Committee discussion: None.

 ii. Action item: Ask for a list of compatible authentication systems and will add this to the FAQ.   
Report from Denise: Authentication linking still evolving.
Committee discussion: Erika is working on setting up single sign on at Illinois College; this has been implemented with success on a test server and they will go live with it in the summer.

iii. Action item: Ask developer if it is possible to have facets compressed as default rather than open. She will also ask if libraries can have option to rearrange order of facets.
Report from Denise: no further work has been done on this; the developer said facets displays cannot be customized for individual libraries because there is only one settings file.
Committee discussion: None.

iv. Action item: Discussed the feature used by U of Chicago whereby SFX links/menu displays on the full bib record (see example at  https://catalog.lib.uchicago.edu/vufind/Record/2363166 )
Report from Denise: No update on this.
Committee discussion: None.

v. Action item: Committee should continue to look at new VuFind and report back any features they are interested in implementing.
Committee discussion:  None.

vi. Action item:  Some of the bib fields (856 subfield z) in a record are being displayed, although they might not be helpful for patrons depending on what individual libraries have listed there.
Report from Denise: No update on this.
Committee discussion: None.

Completed Action items:

i.    Completed Action item: Ask developer if a generic SFX button could be added instead of customized buttons; then send out a survey asking for libraries’ preferences for button in terms of logo and language.
Report from Denise: No longer needed since developer has implemented customized buttons.

ii.    Completed Action item: Create a new section in the Google Doc for SFX Committee to comments on likes/dislikes of SFX and VuFind 4.

iii.    Completed Action item: Ask developer if they can remove “Search alternatives.”
Report from Denise: Done in production.

iv. Completed Action item: Ask if developer can hide “suggested topics” at top.
Report from Denise: Done in test & production.

v. Completed Action item: Ask if developer can add a journal title search option.
Report from Denise: Done in test & production.

vi. Action item: Revive inquiry concerning excluding resource types in search (“hide e-resources I don’t have access to”).
Report from Denise: Done in test & production.

vii. Action item: in requesting options, change default delivery location from 1st alphabetically to either blank line/unselected or to a library selected default.
Committee discussion: Done in test & production.