SFX System Committee Minutes: 11/08/2017



Members attending: Erika Wade Smith, Karen Gallacci, Andrea Imre, Laurie Sauer, Lisa Wallis, Max King, Geoff Pettys,Steve Brantley.

Members absent: Peter Tubbs

CARLI Staff attending: Denise Green.


  • Approval of October 20, 2017 minutes. Andrea offered a correction to the section 4.(b.)(v.) about the single sign on process. Text should read, “Single sign-in by campus login” instead of “Single sign-in – either by campus login or voyager barcode + last name”. The minutes were approved with this one correction.

  CARLI Update 

  •  The Quarterly Conference call on Oct. 25 was about the new A-Z list. 17 people called in with some of those being institutions, so the number of participants was likely greater than 17. There were good questions and comments. Denise recorded a new version of the set up for the A-Z list and it is now posted on the CARLI web site.
  • Denise produced a draft of the CitationLinker/Fetch Item web lesson, asking for feedback from the committee. Erika suggested that some more context for the service should appear toward the beginning of the lesson.
  • The CARLI Annual Meeting is Nov. 17. People on this committee who are attending are asked to report back to the committee at the next meeting.
  • I-Share Next is still in State purchasing office. CARLI staff are working on 4 new I-Share libraries coming into the system in the spring.
  • Andrea asked where the new SFX lessons live on the web site. Go to: SFX documentation > Interface design; they are also listed by title under “SFX Webinars”. Denise will be looking at which lessons need updating. The question about which lessons/webinars get viewed and how many times was raised; Denise will report back with usage data. It was suggested that the date (date updated or recorded) be placed next to title of the lessons.

Discussion items:

A.     Follow up on VuFind action items from Oct. 20 meeting.  

  • Action item: Denise and colleagues are working on improving keyword relevancy and will notify committee when it is ready for testing.
    • Report from Denise: No timeline for development or implementation yet. CARLI staff have other pressing priorities, including on implementing VuFind 4.
  • Action item: Committee will test VuFind 3 keyword relevancy.
    • Report from Denise: This is still in VuFind enhancement queue, and there is no timeline yet for development/implementation. It was suggested that we need not spend a lot of time testing VuFind 3 because VuFind 4 will be implemented soon, and it’s likely that there will be no significant changes between the two.
  • Action item: Ask for a list of compatible authentication systems and will add this to the FAQ.
    •  Report from Denise: This is partly done, see https://www.carli.illinois.edu/products-services/i-share/opac/vufind3-faq#shib.
  • Action item: Ask developer if a generic SFX button could be added instead of customized buttons; then send out a survey asking for libraries’ preferences for button in terms of logo and language. 
    •  Report from Denise: This is feasible—there could be a generic button.
    •  Committee discussion: Some clarification was offered: the button/link only shows up in individual library catalogs, not in the I-Share catalog. A button would be a replacement for the link and text “get full text” which is the default display for this new version of VuFind. The committee agreed that a button is preferable to the text as it is now and that button design should have no swirlie and contain the text “online access” and further that the button should have an oval shape with the bright CARLI purple on white background.
  • Action item: Ask developer if it is possible to have facets compressed as default rather than open. She will also ask if libraries can have option to rearrange order of facets.
    • Report from Denise: Since this not an option in old VuFind, it had not been considered in VuF3+ and there is no easy configuration or set up option in programming to do so.
  • Action item: Ask if developer can hide “suggested topics” at top.
    •  Report from Denise: This is still in VuFind enhancement queue; no timeline yet for development/implementation.
  • Action item: Ask developer if they can remove “Search alternatives.”
    • Committee discussion: Committee couldn’t remember what this referred to; Denise will investigate.
  • Action item: Ask if developer can add a journal title search option.
    • Report from Denise: This is not in issues lists/queue.
    • Committee discussion: Committee thought it should be added
  • Action item: Revive inquiry concerning excluding resource types in search (“hide e-resources I don’t have access to”).
    • Report from Denise: This is back in VuFind enhancement queue with no timeline yet for development/implementation.
    • Committee discussion: It was also suggested that we need to be able to toggle quickly between I-Share and own library catalog
  • Action item: Create a new section in the Google Doc for SFX Committee to comments on likes/dislikes of SFX and VuFind 3. (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vlEd20rcyF_CicwHE4Qe7jrYC9EXpjsAoOvPwhAs-YA/edit?usp=sharing )
  • Action item: Committee should continue to look at VuFind 3 and report back any features they are interested in implementing.
    • Report from Denise: We need not spend a lot of time testing VuFind 3 because VuFind 4 will be implemented soon, and it’s likely that there will be no significant changes between the two.
  • Action item: Discussed the feature used by U of Chicago whereby SFX links/menu displays on the full bib record (see example at  https://catalog.lib.uchicago.edu/vufind/Record/2363166 )
    • Committee discussion: Agreed that this is a valuable feature and we should request this enhancement.

B.    Annual project/deliverable. SFX and VuFind3 OPAC-  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vlEd20rcyF_CicwHE4Qe7jrYC9EXpjsAoOvPwhAs-YA/edit?usp=sharing The Committee is asked to note likes and dislikes.

C.   CARLI will reclaim the URL i-share.carli.illinois.edu for VuFind.

D.  Lisa asked if we (CARLI) have (has) input on the Ex Libris SFX enhancements process? Denise will distribute enhancements list to the committee via Google doc. Voting closes Dec. 3 so discussion should take place via email.

Next meeting date:

Dec. 13, 2017.