CARLI SFX System Committee Meeting: 10/20/2017



Members attending: Erika Wade, Karen Gallacci, Andrea Imre, Laurie Sauer, Lisa Wallis, Max King, Geoff Pettys,

Members absent: Peter Tubbs, Steve Brantley

CARLI Staff attending: Denise Green.


1. Minutes of September 13th, 2017 approved without additions or corrections.

Tasks Assigned:

1. Minutes taken by Geoff Pettys.


1. Introductions
 a. Each committee member in attendance states his or her name, their title, institution, what they like about their job, their history with SFX, and what book they were currently reading.

2. CARLI Update from Denise
 a. SFX open conference call will be held on Wednesday, October 25th. The topic will be the new A-Z list.
 b. Denise Green recently redid the A-Z list training video.
 c. Denise is currently working on documentation about the citation linker update.
 d. RFP for I-Share Next is still in the State of Illinois Procurement Office.
 e. CARLI staff are moving offices and downsizing.
 f. CARLI is no longer subsidizing SFX; libraries now pay 100%. CARLI will continue to host SFX on its servers and Gordon Fellows will continue to handle support and maintenance. Libraries should email CARLI support for cost estimates if needed for budget planning.

3. CARLI Annual Meeting – November 17th
 a. Registration information available on CARLI website.
 b. Several committees will be presenting
 c. SFX systems committee report has been submitted in writing

4. VuFind 3
 a. IIT transition to VuFind 3
Max reported that IIT is planning on switching to VuFind 3 as its primary catalog in mid-December. Initial set up and implementation does not seem that complicated. Max advises libraries work with CARLI and their local IT departments to ensure a smooth transition. CARLI is flexible with switch over dates and libraries can run both versions concurrently during transition period.    

 b. VuFind 3+ Upgrades
  i. Responsive design for mobile devices
  ii. Suggested citation in both Chicago Style and APA
  iii. More robust options for saving items to lists
  iv. Call number search option available
   1. Search uses 852 subfields H&I.
   2. User is able to truncate call number for broader search.
   3. User can search by Dewey or LC, but can only browse with LC
   4. To find browse by Call number, start at footer of VuFind 3+ screen>click “Browse the Catalog”>”Call Number”
 v. Single sign-in possible–  by campus login.  

c. VuFind  3+ – Areas for Improvement/Points of Concern
 i. No configuration for displaying customized SFX buttons – current option is text only
 ii. Single sign on does not work with all authentication systems
 iii. No option to request items from I-Share unless logged in
 iv. No option to request “first available item,” user can only request from selected library. Default is based on holdings.
 v. Cannot limit electronic resources to local user availability
 vi. Issues with displaying item status
 vii. Course reserve listings are not as detailed
 viii. Browsing by call number is currently LC only
 ix. Some libraries have expressed desire to make holdings records more or less detailed, particularly periodical holdings
 x. Facets currently default to all open, which makes display cluttered and difficult to navigate
 xi. Cannot currently exclude resource types in search
 xii. No icons for resource types (books, music, dvd, etc.) – currently just text

d. VuFind Miscellaneous
 i. University of Chicago has SFX links directly in item record – unsure how they are doing this.
 ii. To find CARLI documentation on VuFind 3: Go to > OPAC > VuFind > VuFind version 3
 iii. ProQuest, which owns Serials Solutions, recently acquired SFX. No information yet on any potential changes or disruptions.  

e. VuFind Action Items

 i. Denise is working on improving keyword relevancy and will notify committee when it is ready for testing.
 ii. Committee will test VuFind 3 keyword relevancy
 iii. Denise will ask for a list of compatible authentication systems and will add this to the FAQ
 iv. Denise will ask developer if a generic SFX button could be added instead of customized buttons; then send out a survey asking for libraries’ preferences for button in terms of logo and language
 v. Denise will ask developer if it is possible to have facets compressed as default rather than open. She will also ask if libraries can have option to rearrange order of facets.
 vi. Denise will ask if developer can hide “suggested topics” at top
 vii. Denise will ask if developer can remove “Search alternatives.”
 viii. Denise will ask if developer can add a journal title search option.
 ix. Denise will revive inquiry concerning excluding resource types in search
 x. Denise will create a new Google Doc for SFX Committee to comments on likes dislikes of SFX and VuFind 3
 xi. Committee should continue to look at VuFind 3 and report back any features they are interested in implementing

5. Conferences
 i. Denise attended in 2015 and 2016.
 ii. Not a lot on SFX, mostly information on Alma (Ex Libris ILS/ERM)
 b. ER&L – Austin – March 4-7
  i. Lisa and Karen are planning on attending.
  ii. Excellent conference. Most practical and hands on in terms of SFX and e-resource management.
  iii. Publishes some sessions in “Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship”
c. Charleston
 i. More focused on collections
d. NASIG- publishes proceedings in “Serials Librarian” journal

6. SFX Open Conference Call
 a. Held every 3-4 months.
 b. Attendance varies depending on topic.
 c. Topic ideas for next call (January) include Citation Linker updates and new A-Z ebook list.

7. Miscellaneous
 a. Lisa has been having issues linking WorldCat Local and I-Share. Denise reported that other libraries have had similar problems. When requesting items from I-Share libraries, WorldCat Local uses local catalog Bib ID instead of OCLC number. This is a new problem and has been reported to OCLC.
 b. A-Z List for Ebooks
  i. Not a lot of libraries currently use but is available.
  ii. To view list: _ _/azbook (replace _ _ _ with library code)

8. Non-VuFind 3 Action Items
 a. Karen will check to see if ER&L Conference proceedings are publicly available
 b. Andrea will send information about EBSCO listserv.
 c. All will send screen capture to Denise if encounter a Chrome http unsafe message.

Next meeting:

November 8, 10:00 AM