CARLI SFX System Committee Meeting: 08/16/2017



Members attending: Karen Gallacci, Andrea Imre, Max King, Geoff Pettys, Lisa Wallis
Members absent: Steve Brantley, Laurie Sauer, Peter Tubbs, Erika Wade.

CARLI Staff attending: Mary Burkee, Denise Green.


1.    Karen and Max will co-chair this meeting.


1.    Minutes of July 27, 2017 approved without additions or corrections.
2.    Karen agreed to co-chair with Max and others since Lisa had to take on additional responsibilities at her home institution.  

Tasks Assigned:

Minutes taken by Andrea Imre.


1.    Denise reported on new SFX changes:
 a.    Advanced template
 b.    New journal search (a few institutions implemented it so far, see CARLI’s comparison list of SFX instances) – so far feedback from librarians is positive at NEIU.
 c.    Free and OA targets on shared instance – Denise talked about recent additions and her findings about some newly added targets that were not activated on the shared instance (overlap with existing targets, no full text, etc.). Denise will also send ExLibris a list of free targets that are not designated as FREE in the KB target services table, which is used to generate a report of free/open access targets.
 d.    Next quarterly update will happen in September focusing on Citation Linker.

2.    Mary’s report:  CARLI is preparing for the calendar year brokering cycle
3.    DirectLink webinar link will be posted and sent out to SFX listserv.  Denise noted that the top banner option is non-functional.

Annual Project Discussion

1.    CARLI annual meeting: SFX_2017Project.pdf  will be expanded to include committee information and why the projects were chosen.  We will present a one-page paper only.
2.    Usage patterns / statistics – for this year we will table this topic.
3.    SFX and VUFind3 
 a.    Outstanding VuFind3 issues listed on GitHub
 b.    Denise created an Excel sheet (GoogleDocs) with SFX related issues pulled from GitHub. The committee will comment on those as well as other electronic resource related issues.
 c.    Encourage students (student workers, GAs) to test VuFind3. We will add a category in Google Docs for user group providing feedback.
 d.    Potential in-person meeting planning. Email poll will be sent out by Denise.

Next meeting:

Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017 at 10:00 am.