CARLI SFX System Committee Meeting: 04/26/2017



Present: Karen Gallacci, Lauren Jackson- Beck, Max King, Jeff Matlak, Lisa Wallis. CARLI staff:Mary Burkee, Denise Green (minute taker).

Absent: Andrea Imre, Peter Tubbs, and Andy Meyer.


•     CARLI committees need volunteers.  Here’s the URL:


Voted to approve meeting minutes from March 22nd.

Discussion items:

  •    Open conference call roundup.  
    • Karen Gallacci and Lauren Jackson-Beck – Individual Subscription Activations
    • Peter Tubbs and Lauren Jackson-Beck – How to activate collections with target choices.  
    • Event went well and had nine callers. We will follow up by posting to CARLI web pages the presenters’ documents such as Lauren’s text with screenshots and Karen’s spreadsheet. The recording does not have audio. Denise will ask presenters if available to record their parts again to supplement posted documents. All discussed Adobe Connect.


  • FY17 Deliverable – Drafts due May 24, 2017.   
    1. How to activate collections: target choice: Lauren, Peter – Have two documents used during conference call.
    2. Display/interface options:    No report. Andrea has started this.
    3. Mobile options:   Max, Peter. Have an “Introduction” to topic document in Word. May add some visuals.
    4. Individual subscriptions activations:   Lauren & Karen have documents used during conference call.
    5. Interlibrary loan options:  No report. Andy has started this.
    6. Documenting decisions and “how to” for successors: Karen & Lisa nearly done in Word document.
    7. Reporting/fixing mistakes in Knowledge Base:  Jeff, Andy- All discussed.
    8. Usage stats:  Jeff will contact Andy to work on further. They will focus on more useful ones in queries list.