CARLI SFX System Committee Meeting: 03/22/2017



Karen Gallacci, Andrea Imre, Lauren Jackson-Beck (minutes), Max King, Peter Tubbs. CARLI Staff: Mary Burkee, Denise Green.

Not attending:Lisa Wallis, Jeff Matlak.



  • Updates from 20171100 include A-Z list changes.
    • Changes are optional. Go to config->A-Z ejournal list->Display Section->Open access (unlocked padlock), peer review (Mortar Board hat thing) options.
    • Often, changes won’t appear right away (or may conflict with previous changes you’ve made.)
    • CARLI (Denise) will let you know which files may need to be changed for these additional options to work. SFX also has documentation on how to do so.
    • Double check that it’s working if you make this update!!!!
    • This is also the first step of a major redesign of the A-Z list.


•    Voted to approve minutes from last meeting.

Discussion items:

  • EBSCO Title Lists:
    • Seems to be a common occurrence. EBSCO consistently has issues with SFX.
    • Lauren mentioned that EBSCO, when contacted, indicated this is something that might be a problem on SFX’s end, or that individual publishers may be sending incorrect information.
    • Denise recommends to send updates to Ex Libris through the SFX reporting tool about these types of mistakes. (Edit the object and click “send to ex libris”)

Open Conference Call: Start with Peter and Lauren. Then move into Karen and Lauren.

  • FY17 Deliverables:
    • Bring deliverable drafts to next meeting for review/feedback. Denise will show on shared screen
  • Updated list of FY17 Deliverables:

1.    How to activate collections: target choice Lauren, Peter
2.    Display/interface options:   Andrea
3.    Mobile options:   Max, Peter
4.    Individual subscriptions activations:   Lauren, Karen
5.    Interlibrary loan options:  Andy
6.    Documenting decisions and “how to” for successors: Karen, Lisa
7.    Reporting/fixing mistakes in Knowledge Base:  Jeff, Andy
8.    Usage stats:  Jeff, Andy