CARLI SFX System Committee Meeting: 01/09/2017



Karen Gallacci, Andrea Imre, Lauren Jackson-Beck, Max King, Jeff Matlak, Andy Meyer, Peter Tubbs, Lisa Wallis, CARLI Staff: Mary Burkee, Denise Green. 


CARLI Update: Denise reported that the new quarterly update includes new options for Direct Linking.  We will discuss that at a later meeting.

Discussion items:

  • Minutes approved from November 22cd.
  • Open conference call discussion for Thursday, January 12, 1-2:30pm

  •  Max ask for the committee opinions of presentation on Mobile display.  The logo is the only change that can be made without using CSS. Max would suggest that administrators ask their library web person to assist.  He will tell which files to edit and which ones not to edit, and show how to insert separate files so that the default stays in tack. Max will also talk about Iframes.
    Denise reminded us that we all have a TEST instance to try things in and that looking at the A-Z instructions can be helpful when doing any customization.
    Peter would like to explain why the admins want to look at the mobile display & discuss checking stats on mobile usage.

  • Open Access DOI – Bringing more green and gold OA full text to SFX-Denise. To be discussed at a later meeting.

  • Broken Link Report- Broken link is different than feedback email.  Max asked what to others do? Basically same as feedback except we can’t contact the patron. Members talked about their follow-through processes.  Denise reminded us of the video “What to do when users have a problem?” and the Triage Tree under troubleshooting on the CARLI website.

  • FY17 Deliverable - Report on Progress   
    i.    How to activate collections: target choice -  Lauren said that she thought Denise has this covered on the webpage already.  It was suggested that any institutional personalization decisions could be discussed.
    ii.    Display/interface options:   (no report)
    iii.    Mobile options:   (discussed above)
    iv.    Individual subscriptions activations:   Lauren reported that Karen had developed detailed instructions which she reviewed and those are posted on the shared page.  Karen asked about the format for delivery.  Max said he was interested in text format for consistancy unless someone could make a case for PDF or video.
    v.    Interlibrary loan options:  (no report)
    vi.    Documenting decisions and “how to” for successors: Lisa suggested starting with the “How do I …  already in existence, building on and linking from that.  Karen suggested creating an index of the tutorials already available. Other suggestions were recording how procedures are handled, how and why decisions were made, and recording what customizations have been made in SFX.
    vii.    Reporting/fixing mistakes in Knowledge Base:  (no report)
    viii.    Usage stats:  Jeff asked how detailed the committee thought it should be.  Last year a brief document was written with a choice to go to more details. This would provide options.   

    Adjourned at 11:45.

    Minutes submitted by Karen Gallacci.