CARLI SFX System Committee Meeting: 10/26/2016



Karen Gallacci, Andrea Imre, Lauren Jackson-Beck, Max King, Jeff Matlak, Andy Meyer, Cynthia Scott, Peter Tubbs, Lisa Wallis, CARLI Staff: Mary Burkee, Denise Green.  


CARLI Update-

  • CARLI staff are continuing to work on the new F5 SFX security.  The F5 security is designed to make every URL a https secure connection.  Currently with F5 the direct linking and some other features are not working properly.  
  • IPEDS survey report opens Dec. 14, 2016 and closes April 12, 2017.
  • Gordon Fellows continues to work on a report for SFX libraries to report the # of serial titles that they have access to.  He is expected to complete the report before the Dec. holiday break. There are CARLI SFX instructions for obtaining the # of serial titles but the instructions are older and cumbersome.
  • SFX software update should be coming in Dec 2016/Jan 2017.
  • The CARLI calendar year brokering cycle is currently underway.  Some pricing is still in process.

Discussion items:

The Open Conference call Oct. 13, 2016 topic was display options, direct link, sort services, etc.

  • Approximately 30 users were on the conference call and the information was well presented.  Great job Denise! Discussed using the recording feature on Adobe Connect for future conference calls.
  • There is a direct link webinar from 2010 but it is outdated and there is also an outdated A-Z webinar.
  • Andrea mentioned we could create or update a display logic webinar and a sort services webinar (involves unix file definitions for prioritization of targets).  Perhaps this would be part of the FY17 display option deliverable.
  • A suggestion for the next open conf. call  -  mobile interfaces.

CARLI Annual Meeting Nov. 18th.

  • There are several members of the SFX committee that will most likely not be attending the meeting.  Denise will look into the availability of a conference room and conference calling for our lunch hour SFX committee meeting on the 18th.  Or, we could forgo the SFX committee meeting on the 18th and meet during our regular scheduled conference call on 11/23.

FY17 Deliverable: Best practices for new/intermediate SFX admins:
    1. How to activate collections: target choice  Lauren, Peter
    2. Display/interface options:   Andrea, Cynthia
    3. Mobile options:   Max, Peter
    4. Individual subscriptions activations:   Lauren, Karen
    5. Interlibrary loan options:  Andy, Cynthia
    6. Documenting decisions and “how to” for successors: Karen, Lisa
    7. Reporting/fixing mistakes in Knowledge Base:  Jeff, Andy
    8. Usage stats:  Jeff, Andy

•    The deliverable deadline is May 2017.  
•    Discussion around looking at the CARLI website for existing documentation on the above topics.  Some documentation may need to be updated. The format is dependent on the topic -  document, video, etc.