CARLI SFX System Committee Meeting: 8/24/2016



Members attending: Andrea Imre, Andy Meyer, Cindy Scott, Jeffrey Matlak, Karen Galacci, Lauren Jackson-Beck, Lisa Wallis, Max King, Peter Tubbs.
Staff attending: Mary Burkee, Denise Green.  
Minute taker:  Andrea Imre



  • Minutes from the 7/27/2016 meeting were approved.
  • The minute taker will be Andy Meyer at next meeting.

CARLI update:

a.    Refreshing and resynchronizing SFX test with SFX live version on Monday, Aug 29, 2016.

b.    Denise has started to send out announcements about target deletions after weekly updates.  SFX administrators can receive notifications about upcoming changes via the SFX Ex libris’ listserv but SFX administrators are not automatically added to this listserv.  Each administrator has to sign up on their own.  

Discussion items:

a.    Co-chair selection - discussion of co-chair responsibilities and soliciting volunteers.  

b.    CARLI Annual Meeting – We may replace the November phone conference with an in-person meeting on Nov. 18th. We can give a presentation or provide a handout about last year’s SFX committee’s deliverable about SFX integration with other library services/products/software at the annual CARLI meeting. Andy commented that he benefited greatly from the deliverables and recommended having a presentation about success stories. Lisa, Peter and Andy will prepare a presentation proposal and work on the presentation that would focus on success stories about SFX integration with other products (due to the CARLI office by Sept. 9).  

c.    Next quarterly open conference call, October 13th.
Decision on topics, suggestions so far include SFX Display Features and optimization. Lake Forest College was put forth as a good example. Wheaton has done a lot with direct linking and display optimization. Denise will contact Lake Forest College SFX admin and Steve Oberg from Wheaton to ask if they would be available and willing to present.  Maybe we could focus on elements like display logic that affect functionality as opposed to the design features of the menu.  

d.    FY17 Deliverable – most members put Knowledge base management best practices as top priority.  There was some discussion about VuFind but since at this point we have no clear implementation timeline of VuFind3.  Data feed from Voyager to VuFind3 needs some modifications and CARLI development team is tackling this task.
Discussion about maintaining several KBs and synching the various KBs.  Several libraries are managing SerialsSolutions / Proquest 360 Core or OCLC services along with SFX.

At our next meeting we will discuss actionable items related to this proposed deliverable brought forward by each member. Andy suggested using a shared Google document.

e.    Brief discussion of the Elsevier autoload process.  Recent changes to the reports sent after autoload makes it easy to identify newly added object portfolios.  The Ovid autload feature is still in development phase and customers cannot use this target yet.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines:

The meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.  Our next meeting will take place on Sept. 28 at 10 am.