SFX System Committee, November 12, 2014

Conference Call



Xiaotian Chen, Andrea Imre (chair), Stacey Knight-Davis, Joanna Kolendo, Andy Meyer, Jim Millhorn, Steve Oberg, Jeffrey Matlak (Minutes taker).


Denise Green, Mary Burkee


  1. Minutes of October conference call are available. 

 2. Updates (Denise. Paige out): Paige on sick leave

a. SFX Updates released. No major changes.

b. Denise discussed the SFX enhancements ballot sent to Paige from the advisory and customer groups ELUNA and IGELU. Denise sent the ballot in the form of an excel spreadsheet before the beginning of the conference call.  Denise asked for comments and a discussion ensued. Andrea specifically how many items should members choose, where to send it and how to do it in general. Denise suggested that the top 3 to 5 items be chosen. General discussion followed on this point and it was agreed to post choices/comments to sfx committee list.

 3. Discussion Items:

a. Training webinars planning team: 

i. SFX button design customization progress. Only one library requested button customization after the first call.  We should send an e-mail again beginning of December and recommend libraries to consider customization during break.

ii. Pathfinder /Tree: Discussion about tree.  No resolution.  Andrea urges committee to take a longer look and give feedback.

iii. Other webinars in progress. No webinar team meeting. Denise suggests pushing to after semester when there is more time.

b. Member survey planning team – deliverable discussion. Proposals on deliverables sent to CARLI Director.

i. Open conference calls. Committee plans to have first open conference call after MLK day/final exams best date.

ii.  Peer-to-peer mentoring program. Discussion on how to create such a program.  Steve notes that this is already happening informally.  Andy wonders if there is a lack of interest. Andrea comments that perhaps low users of SFX be targeted and contacted.  This could be done on a regional basis trying to pair mentors and mentees who are geographically close to each other.

c. SFX  FREE/Open Access targets. No update.

4.    Other items: Selection system open.  AAAS pricing announced.

5.    Meeting officially ended at 11.00 am.

Next meeting December 10, 2014.