SFX System Committee, September 10, 2014


Members Present

Xiaotian Chen, Denise Green, Andrea Imre (Chair), Stacey Knight-Davis (Minutes taker), Joanna Kolendo, Jeffrey Matlak, Andrew Meyer, Jim Millhorn, Steve Oberg

Stacey joined shortly after 10:00am, Denise joined the screencast at 10:00 and joined the discussion later by phone.

Staff Present

Paige Weston


  1. Election of a vice chair: Discussion was moved to the end of the meeting. No nominations were made on the call.  Nominations should be sent to Andrea for discussion at the October meeting.

  2. Updates

    1. HathiTrust as a target:

      As suggested by Steve, Paige has implemented Marjorie Tibbetts' solution on the SFX test server. This method only works if FirstSearch is the source because an OCLC number must be included in the request. Paige’s evaluation is that it won’t hurt anything, but this method is not a full solution to expose HathiTrust objects. WorldCat already links to Hathi, and this would be the main source of requests that include OCLC numbers. For the Hathi titles there is rarely an ISBN and the titles are often generic. When Paige attempted to demonstrate the method it did not function as intended.  Paige will work on this more. The committee was ambivalent on the utility of this method but decided to implement it if it could be made to work. The committee will continue looking for a better solution.  Getting the Tibbetts method working will be a low priority project.

    2. from Paige:

      • Paige speculated that the update applied to the test server may have broken the Tibbets solution.

      • The test server has been updated and the decision to apply the update to production over the weekend or not will be made soon. Paige forwarded an email to the committee showing the new release highlights.  Several committee members commented that contrast between rows in the admin interface was improved.

      • A local fix was applied for the PMID/DOI problem Andrea reported.

  3. Discussion items

    1. Demo of Drupal Groups on CARLI web site:

      Paige demonstrated the Drupal site.  The “Recent Posts” area features newly created pages.  This functionality may be edited later. Content in the committee's area includes the free and OA targets spreadsheet and the training videos project information from Paige with assignments for scripts.

      Paige cautioned everyone to be aware of their limitations when attempting to edit pages.  She also noted that it is possible to accidentally upload to another committee’s space.

      Once a new file is uploaded it should be linked to the main page.

      Committee members cannot delete files in the file manager, but can overwrite them.

      The following file naming conventions were approved: No spaces in file names. Use hyphens. When a file is revised, rename it to include the date at YYYYMMDD at the end of the name.

      The Drupal site can be used as a preview and preparation area for projects.

    2. Training webinars planning team:

      The lesson map was viewed briefly, further discussion was tabled. No other updates.

    3. Member survey planning team:

      Preliminary survey results were viewed.  Paige will send out a reminder. The survey closes on October 1. Andrea, Xiaotian, and Jim will review the results. The committee's proposal for the year's deliverable is due on November 1.

    4. FREE/Open Access targets review:

      This group met after the meeting.

Next Meeting: October 8, 2014