SFX System Committee, May 14, 2014


Members Present

Elizabeth Bernal, minutes taker (Chicago School of Professional Psychology); Xiaotian Chen (Bradley University); Anita Foster, chair (Illinois State University); Denise Green (Millikin University);  Andrea Imre (Southern Illinois University Carbondale); Stacey Knight-Davis (Eastern Illinois University); Jim Millhorn (Northern Illinois University); Steve Oberg (Wheaton College)

Members Absent

Jared Wellman (Lincoln Land Community College)

Staff Present

Paige Weston; Mary Burkee


  1. Minute taker:  Liz Bernal

  2. Updates from ELUNA

    1. Over 2000 sites across the world using SFX

    2. No plans to continue accessibility improvements in SFX

      1. CARLI might take on SFXAdmin accessibility improvements after 4.7 released?

      2. Not a priority if we don't actually have a low-vision SFX administrator to help test

    3. 4.7 release in September

      1. in KB Manager the row will highlight to help the administrator's eye read across the table

      2. New KBART-friendly formats for DataLoader and Export tools

      3. The threshold column will be wider

      4. Better authority control in the display logic: rules won't break when target names change

      5. Transparent pixel bug will be addressed in June

    4. Verde/USTAT Working Group meeting

      1. COUNTER4 Report in June, Book Report sometime by the end of the year (no specific one detailed)

      2. Verde is on its way out  and being replaced by Alma – where USTAT will now be housed

      3. Since there is a Central Knowledge Base in Alma there is no plan to have USTAT as a separate module

  3. Working group updates


      SFX Glossary team

      1. Work completed

      2. Anita will draft an announcement about the glossary as the year's white paper

    2. Training webinars planning team

      1. Scripts and slides are in the works

      2. topic list (shared previously) will continue to grow

      3. committee members should volunteer to create lessons

    3. Member survey planning team

      1. Draft Survey approved; CARLI staff will recreate in SurveyMonkey

      2. Only staff concern is the “what do you think others think” questions because they are subjective

        1. The information gathered through the survey is supposed to be about SFX Administrators' continuing ed needs

        2. Present subjective questions explicitly in "why we're asking" context?

        3. Ask public services staff instead of/in addition to SFX administrators?

        4. Ask whether library has done usability testing of SFX?

        5. Conclusion: Fine with moving forward but to keep the thoughts open on what will be sent back with the subjective answers

      3. Distribute survey in late August/Early September

  4. Article-level links to Harvard Business Review top 500 articles

    1. EBSCO and Harvard made an agreement for the top 500 articles: EBSCO cannot provide direct links to the full text; users see message that is basically “we have it but can’t get to it”

      1. citation appears, but not full text on SFX clickthrough

      2. user cannot print, download, or create a permalink unless institution pays for coursepack privileges

    2. CARLI will not implement workaround: need to respect the agreement

    3. Paige reported there have been few hundred clickthroughs to HBR in 2014, across all CARLI instances, not necessarily to the top 500 articles

    4. What are next steps for this group?

      1. letter to Harvard Business Review or EBSCO?

      2. something to CARLI Board to send to EBSCO?

      3. Conclusion: Andrea will send out her examples and the group will brainstorm suggestions

  5. Annual Report

    1. Due May 30

    2. Anita will write up a draft and send out the group for comments and thoughts (will be sent out no later than the end of next week)

  6. SFX System Committee First Year Post-Mortem meeting

    1. FY15 member invitations – Paige will invite if appointments confirmed before the June 11th meeting

    2. Proposed agenda

      1. 10-3 at the CARLI Office

      2. How the group went, changes, thoughts for 2015

      3. Hack-a-Thon in the afternoon, focus to be discussed on email list

  7. Other items

    1. Committee Chair for next year – Andrea – Unanimous decision

    2. Z39.50 Plugin: anyone using for summary holdings data display? - No. Too slow.

    3. Google Scholar – set monographs (on the extract profile – advanced – export) to allow libraries to see results for e-books that are discoverable in SFX – Paige will send out a reminder

      1. Post meeting update: CARLI will include ebooks in Google Scholar extract for all libraries by default; libraries may opt out by creating export profile and supplying profile name

    4. JSTOR DOIs– are we waiting for Ex Libris to fix the issues globally? Committee members applied fix Inga sent to sfx-discuss-l; Paige will send note to sfx-ig

    5. Talk about SFX and the CARLI Ebook Purchases – adding to next agenda

    6. Reminders:

      1. Database Selection Period ends May 30th

      2. Directors received year-end eresource licensing opportunities

Next Meeting: June 11, 2014