SFX System Committee, March 12, 2014


Members Present

Elizabeth Bernal (Chicago School of Professional Psychology); Xiaotian Chen (Bradley University); Anita Foster, chair (Illinois State University); Denise Green (Millikin University);  Andrea Imre (Southern Illinois University Carbondale); Stacey Knight-Davis (Eastern Illinois University); Jim Millhorn (Northern Illinois University); Steve Oberg, minutes taker (Wheaton College)

Members Absent

Jared Wellman (Lincoln Land Community College)

Staff Present

Paige Weston


  1. Anita convened the meeting @ 10:03a.

  2. Post mortem meeting – Anita. Might be useful for CARLI and members to
    discuss how the first year went. In person, for June 12? Probably
    would be a ½ day meeting. Committee agreed. Discussion will be on
    reports from sub-committee work, future work, etc.

  3. “Report a broken link” feature — Paige. Reported on libraries that
    hadn’t turned it off and/or hadn’t added a direct email. Majority of
    those who’ve taken action has chosen to add a direct email rather than
    turn off the functionality altogether. Around twenty libraries hadn’t
    taken action yet.

  4. Transparent pixel issue – Xiaotian. Seen lots of evidence of issue in
    his library. Evidence shows it is not browser dependent. Solutions
    have been posted to SFX-DISCUSS-L but we should be reluctant to
    implement a solution until/unless we can readily replicate the problem
    and then test the solution. Liz reported this error to Ex Libris (she
    has an Ex Libris-hosted instance, not a CARLI-hosted instance), and received
    instructions from them about how to fix. They described it as a known
    issue that should have been fixed over several service pack
    updates. They believe it’s caused by a local template file that isn’t
    symbolically linked. Paige wanted to see these instructions to then
    compare with template setup at CARLI institutions who’ve reported
    having this problem (e.g. Bradley, Illinois Wesleyan). Liz will email
    instructions to the committee (already done immediately after the
    meeting concluded). Xiaotian suggested more people try the replication
    steps posted to SFX-DISCUSS-L that two institutions have said
    guarantee that the problem will happen. Denise suggested that a big
    wrinkle or hurdle to replicating adequately might be proxy/security
    settings in local environment.

  5. Working group updates — All. 

    1. Paige noted updates to glossary earlier
      today. Stacey noted that she had added the updates originally back in
      December but they were lost due to a wiki glitch. Glossary working
      group would like another week to review and finalize, and will email
      committee when finalized. Committee agreed to discuss final glossary
      in April meeting. Anita noted that this will be a living document that
      will continue to change and update over time, and we may wish to
      accept “good enough” for CARLI, to which the committee agreed. The
      training working group will adopt the “good enough” approach as well;

    2. Paige noted she has reviewed recorded video clips from Cathy Salika
      and we will model our training clips after them, including written
      scripts. This working group will meet in person @ CARLI on 26 of

    3. Jim briefly discussed survey working group’s update. Survey
      seems ready to go based on feedback from committee; Anita suggested
      sending out the survey link again for one last review before survey is
      ready for CARLI review. Anita suggested 28 of March for deadline for
      last committee review. Jim will email survey link to committee after

  6. Other issues — All. Jim mentioned “This article may be under embargo”
    message that appears for EBSCOhost links to ILLiad. Paige and Xiaotian
    mentioned that there is a solution to it by modifying Display Logic
    rules. Andrea suggested Jim send example OpenURL of the problem to the
    committee, which he plans to do. Xiaotian will share details of his
    workaround/solution with committee as well (already done immediately
    after conclusion of meeting).

  7. Steve highlighted, for future
    consideration, the deep integration of OpenURL services in next gen
    ILS development, and how this might be something to consider for the
    I-Share Next committee. We might not have a standalone OpenURL service
    like SFX. Anita suggested that this committee should note this for
    communication and collaboration with that newly formed committee as
    they begin deliberations.

Next Meeting: April 9, 2014