SFX Sytem Committee Meeting: November 13, 2013



Elizabeth Bernal (Chicago School of Professional Psychology), Xiaotian Chen (Bradley University), Anita Foster, chair (Illinois State University), Denise Green, minutes taker (Millikin University), Andrea Imre, by phone (Southern Illinois University Carbondale), Stacey Knight-Davis (Eastern Illinois University), Jim Millhorn (Northern Illinois University), Steve Oberg (Wheaton College), Jared Wellman (Lincoln Land Community College)


Paige Weston, Mary Burkee


  1. Minute taker:  Andrea Imre
  2. Updates:
    1. Salesforce – Paige’s update: Ex Libris provided list of institutional accounts for each library in CARLI that licenses some EL product via CARLI; current proposal is to link from SFXAdmin to Salesforce using institutional account rather than individual account; E-mail address associated with account will be distribution list maintained by CARLI, and SFX account admin contacts as well as I-Share liaison will be subscribed to the list; ISU account was tested with this approach and this approach will work; for now submit incident / case to EL to CARLI until these accounts are set up; CARLI encourages to consolidate individual accounts with institutional account. Paige will be sending out an e-mail to SFX listserv.

    2. Usage Statistics forum- registration deadline is today, registration URL was sent out via e-mail by Andrea.
  3. Discussion Item:
    1. Using small working groups for activities, 2-3 people each - each committee member to send to Anita wishlist of subgroup interests by Nov. 21, Anita will compile lists and we will meet at usage forum lunch.
      i.    Training webinars planning team  
      ii.    Member survey planning team
      iii.    SFX Glossary team

    2. At next meeting on December 11, each subgroup will give an update on what they have been doing

    3. Paige’s update on NERS voting:
      i.    ELUNA/IGeLU voting on SFX software enhancements via NERS is going on right now.      
      ii.   NERS, the enhancement balloting system is down and needs to be rebuilt, which probably means the voting period will be extended.
      iii.  CARLI votes once as a consortium (Kris Hammerstrand casts the vote, allocating 100 points).
      iv.  Some individual CARLI libraries are ELUNA members and they can vote, too.
      v.   Paige sent out a spreadsheet via e-mail with her recommendations to Kris on how to cast CARLI's votes.  Paige is looking for feedback from committee members.
      vi.  Take a look at the spreadsheet and send feedback to Paige by Nov. 20.   Original closing date for NERS voting is the 25th.

Meeting ended at 10:30.