SFX Sytem Committee Meeting: October 9, 2013



Elizabeth Bernal (Chicago School of Professional Psychology), Xiaotian Chen (Bradley University), Anita Foster, chair (Illinois State University), Denise Green, minutes taker (Millikin University), Andrea Imre, by phone (Southern Illinois University Carbondale), Stacey Knight-Davis (Eastern Illinois University), Jim Millhorn (Northern Illinois University), Steve Oberg (Wheaton College), Jared Wellman (Lincoln Land Community College)


Paige Weston, Mary Burkee

  1. Choosing a Vice-chair for FY14, chair-elect for FY15:  Andrea Imre volunteered and was elected unanimously.
  2. Updates:
    1. Usage Statistics forum- Andrea reported on the planning for the Nov. 22 event. She sent the tentative agenda to the committee members. Andrea, Denise, Steve and Anita will be presenting about aspects of usage stats collection using SFX or other tools.
  3. Discussion Item:
    1. Participation in IACRL pre-conference on Assessment was discussed. The consensus of the committee was that the SFX committee didn’t fit as a partner with an event focusing on assessment planning. We may have more to offer future events about gathering data to support or measure assessment goals.
  4. Salesforce Migration:  
    1. Paige reported on the lack of progress in the Pivotal-to-SalesForce migration for SFXAdmin users. We are waiting on action from Ex Libris customer support. Liz and Steve have migrated to the new Salesforce tracking system.  Most SFX administrators using CARLI-sponsored instances will have to send reports of Knowledge Base or other issues to CARLI support email until this is sorted out.  Fortunately, the lack of direct communication with SFX Ex Libris is not a major issue for most SFX administrators.
  5. Ideas for an SFX Systems Committee activity:
    1. The committee would like to do events via the webinar technique.
    2. Possible webinar topics include:
      1. New SFX administrator training
      2. Advanced SFX administrator training including more complex options like editing parse params, creating targets, etc.
      3. Rolling out simplified menus/ menu redesign
      4. EBooks A – Z list
      5. KB tools beyond dataloader
      6. Using SFX as a library database A – Z list (UIUC could talk about how / why they did so.)
      7. What to do when electronic full text isn’t available? Including:
        1. Options for representing “offline” holdings in SFX such as print or microform serials.
        2. Options for electronic not full text such as Table of contents or abstracts.
        3. Using the ILL/Doc Del local or “Get it now” doc delivery for a fee type services.
      8. Reporting a broken link/ problems with SFX options. Troubleshooting such reports complex since include variety of problems such as incomplete metadata, incorrect “free” designation or lack of linking to article level. Also what are the pros/cons of the options in SFX menus for reporting such problems? For example, allowing quick anonymous messages or requiring at least an email for patron.  
      9. Larger issue, how to maintain and support a local SFX instance over time?
      10. How does public services staff explain SFX?
      11. Denise offered to work up a draft of a survey for CARLI libraries asking which of these topics they would be most interested in as webinars.  
  6. Other items: Andrea asked about the SFX glossary in progress on the CARLI SFX committee wiki. This will be our committee’s annual white paper. We will aim to have the glossary largely completed by Feb. 28 so it can be finalized about the same time as the committee’s annual report. Paige can arrange wiki accounts for any committee members.