SFX Sytem Committee Meeting: September 11, 2013



Elizabeth Bernal (Chicago School of Professional Psychology), Xiaotian Chen (Bradley University), Anita Foster (Illinois State University), Denise Green (Millikin University), Andrea Imre, by phone (Southern Illinois University Carbondale), Stacey Knight-Davis (Eastern Illinois University), Jim Millhorn (Northern Illinois University), Steve Oberg (Wheaton College), Jared Wellman (Lincoln Land Community College)


Paige Weston, Mary Burkee


  • HathiTrust as an SFX target.  Will make it available for libraries to activate if they choose to.  Will document why and how to do it.

  • Vice chair/chair elect.  It is a good idea to have a vice chair/chair elect for the committee.  Anita will solicit volunteers.


  • Pivotal-->SalesForce migration.  Paige reported that it is a complex matter.  The migration/creation of individual account is complicated.


  • Assessment program proposal from David Stern, chair of the Public Services Committee.  Will ask David for clarification what he exactly means by “assessment” and what the focus is, before the committee takes any actions.

  • Accessibility.  Paige briefed about the Accessibility Summit she attended.  She thought it was eye-opening and that it gave her new understanding of what needed to be done in SFX.  This led her point out that SFX Committee should keep accessibility in mind when testing the new SFX version that is being rolled out. She pointed out that the first step is to reconcile local changes with the new version.


  • SFX glossary.  Paige has collected responses from SFX-DISCUSS-L.  A number of people have developed SFX glossaries with various qualities.  Paige will post them on CARLI Wiki site for the committee to review.  Andrea offered to help. 

  • Paige will also look into the matter that committee members have a login to the CARLI Wiki.

  • Usage Statistics Forum (11/22/2013, Springfield).  Andrea, Anita, Denise, Elizabeth, Jared, and Steve volunteered to make presentations at the CARLI Usage Statistics Forum, with each taking about 10 minutes.  Andrea will coordinate the presentations by this committee.

Future meetings

  • The next committee conference call will be 10am – 11am, Oct 9 Wednesday.