SFX System Committee, August 19, 2015

Conference Call


Present: Mary Burkee (CARLI), Xiaotian Chen (BRA), Denise Green (CARLI), Joanna Kolendo (CSU), Jeff Matlak (WIU), Andy Meyer (NPU), Steve Oberg – chair (WHE), Cindy Scott (SML), Peter Tubbs (RSH), Paige Weston (CARLI)



  1. Discuss FY16 deliverable ideas
    This discussion item was postponed due to need for more time for committee members to read statements of purpose that had already been written, as well as the need to receive some of the statements of purpose that are not yet written. It was suggested that goal deliverable idea statements of purpose be posted to the committee’s workspace on the CARLI website.

    Denise volunteered to post statements to the committee’s workspace and notify the group when they are available.

  2. Webinar development updates
    Denise noted that she had not received any committee feedback yet for the webinar script she wrote on the new Dataloader functionality. Cynthia noted that she didn’t recall receiving an email about it. Denise promised to resend her original email to the committee list. The committee intends for SFX Dataloader capabilities to be a focus for the upcoming open conference call so we should finalize it beforehand.

    Andy noted progress on a shared webinar he’s working on with Steve on "How Do I Control Which Links Users See on Our SFX Menu?”.

    Peter mentioned that he is progressing on one of his assigned webinars (along with Paige), on "How Do I Tidy Up My Knowledge Base? Using the Localization Manager”.

  3. Free and open access titles (next steps for CARLI shared instance)
    Denise asked for feedback on a proposal that she and Paige came up with for a revised way to update CARLI libraries’ SFX instances each week if those updates include changes to free and open access titles. Xiaotian noted a significant issue he discovered with this approach that appears to hamper a local SFX administrator’s ability to control the order of locally activated free and open access SFX targets. He believes that after some testing, if there is overlap in activation of a shared instance SFX target for free and open access titles, and a locally activated SFX target for free and open access titles, the shared instance will override the ability of a local SFX instance to order its display. Paige promised to investigate this further. The committee agreed that this issue needs to be thoroughly examined before moving forward with the original proposal.

    Paige will test Xiaotian’s scenario in more depth and report back to the committee with results.

  4. Planning for September open conference call
    Cynthia reported on a draft survey that she and Lauren created, and asked for feedback on it from committee members. The idea behind this effort is to send a survey to all SFX administrators shortly after each open conference call to help us gauge the call’s effectiveness and to help us plan for future calls. Committee members offered several suggestions for improvement which Cynthia will take back to Lauren for consultation (Lauren was unable to be present at the meeting). Cynthia also invited members to share additional feedback about the questions via the committee discussion list.

    Cynthia and Lauren will finalize the survey based on this feedback for review at our next monthly meeting ahead of the September open conference call.

  5. Updates from CARLI
    Steve apologized for forgetting to include a standard timeslot for any updates from CARLI as was done in the past. Paige noted that there weren’t any significant updates to report on although there are a lot of fiscal-related things being worked on at CARLI. She suggested that future meetings include this update slot as a standard part of our agendas.

    Steve will include a CARLI Update timeslot on all future meeting agendas.