SFX Systems Committee June 10, 2015



MEMBERS PRESENT: Andrea Imre (chair), Lauren Jackson-Beck, Stacey Knight-Davis, Joanna Kolendo, Jim Millhorn, Steve Oberg, Peter Tubbs.

MEMBERS ABSENT: Xiaotian Chen, Jeffrey Matlak, Andy Meyer

STAFF PRESENT: Mary Burkee, Denise Green (minutes taker), Paige Weston


  1. Updates from CARLI staff
    1. Committee’s annual report and deliverable document has been sent to Board with other committee reports. Paige edited the title of the report to reflect that the SFX committee had one document for both committee activity report and the deliverable: “Addressing the Information Needs of SFX Administrators: A Summary of Activities and 2014-2015 Annual Report.”
  1.  Paige reported that Ex Libris had just issued a software update version 4.8. Due to the Voyager upgrade June 12-14, CARLI will postpone putting this update and the weekly KB updates into the production SFX environment. Version 4.8 is up in sfx-test environment. Paige invited committee members to test it, especially the new feature “Localization Manager.” The tool will detect when localizations are identical to current global KB details. Andrea and others thought the Localization Manager could be very useful.
  2. Elsevier automated update process:  Andrea report that SFX release notes & discussion lists indicated that Elsevier was starting a new automatic updates feature. Elsevier will automatically send SFX a list of what customer X subscribes to currently and has access to from prior purchases plus open access/free content. While saving time over the current practice, this assumes Elsevier subscription info is accurate, which committee members knew was not always the case. In about six months Elsevier/SFX will stop using other approaches to managing Elsevier related targets. Other vendors likely to go this route in the future for managing subscriptions/ entitlements. Andrea will check her library’s KBART report from Elsevier and will send out instructions for how to get this file. She reported that in the past it wasn’t fully KBART compliant. (For example the years in a library’s entitlement were not in correct KBART date format.) Also Elsevier KBART file included open access/free titles with no obvious way to filter for only subscribed titles. Therefore, the SFX administrator has difficulty checking the KBART report against a local library’s record of eresource acquisitions.Andrea also suggested committee members activate the new targets ELSEVIER_SCIENCE_DIRECT_AUTOLOAD_BOOKS and   ELSEVIER_SCIENCE_DIRECT_AUTOLOAD_JOURNALS possibly in sfx-test. Then we can try these out and check on accuracy of Elsevier’s title feeds.
    Lauren talked about a video lesson or other training materials needed for this new Elsevier process. Steve commented that OCLC’s KB had been doing the same thing with Elsevier collections and that had been successful for Wheaton. Peter asked about Elsevier’s Clinical Key targets, which appear unaffected by this automated process. Jim noted he had already consolidated Elsevier titles from multiple targets to one for easier maintenance. Some libraries will not be affected. For example, libraries like Bradley or Wheaton using Elsevier content via “Get it now” or pay per view.    Paige had not yet had time to look into what CARLI might need to do to set up the Elsevier feed or assist SFX admins.


  1. Discussion Items:  
    1. Projects intended for 2015-16 are largely done already, including the evaluation of survey results, actions based on those results, a pathfinder to new SFX training materials/documentation and evaluating free/Open Access targets.
    2. Open conference call overview – next one tentatively planned for September 2015. CARLI staff will look for a date and time that doesn’t conflict with other CARLI events. 
    3. Among items carrying over to new committee year 2015-16 were links on SFX admin screens to CARLI video lessons/documentation at point of need.  Paige noted that SFX admin screens are editable, for example the current links to CARLI and ExLibris documentation on top level SFX admin webpage. After talking about options, the committee decided a subcommittee could look at specific points of need in the SFX admin interface.
    4. Peter, Stacey and others asked about PubMed options for linking to a link resolver and also to ILL/ILLiad options including DocLine, MyNCBI and the LinkOut feature.  Stacey and Peter will talk about how SFX libraries could use files exported from SFX with PubMed options. They may suggest some documentation or video lessons about PubMed linking/ILL options.
    5. All discussed how an increasing number of CARLI libraries have more than one Knowledge Base/Open URL linking tool to maintain. For example, some have SFX for OpenURL linking but also use Serial Solutions as a serials cataloging, eresource manager and KB tool. OCLC WorldShare (WMS) libraries are maintaining OCLC’s KB & Collection Manager and in some cases SFX and/or Serial Solutions. Comparing the various knowledge bases is complex since they don’t have common data structure or terminology. Also resources that should be very similar in content can have very different numbers of titles, (for example Vendor X’s Subject collection in SFX and in OCLC KB could differ by 10’s to 100’s of titles.)  Several members thought this might be a topic for a committee forum or deliverable in 2016. What are obstacles to managing multiple KB/OpenURL systems? How KBART compliant holding files might help transfer info between systems? What are comparable terms in OCLC to SFX to Serial Solutions? Perhaps survey CARLI member libraries to see who is in this situation and what their thoughts are about support needs and ways to reuse info from SFX to save labor in other systems? Denise offered to see if OCLC had a public list of current OCLC KB libraries based on info she saw at a recent conference.


  1. Many thanks and farewells shared for departing committee members. All welcomed the new appointees able to attend this meeting.


  1. Next committee meeting date TBA in July.