Resource Sharing Committee Meeting: May 16, 2018

Phone Conference
Members attending: Belinda Cheek (North Central College), Eric Edwards (Illinois State Library), Rand Hartsell (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Kelly Fisher (Eureka College), Thomas Mantzakides (Morton College), Sarah McHone-Chase (Northern Illinois University), Amanda Roberts (University of Illinois Springfield), Jennifer Stegen (Loyola University Chicago)
Members absent: Lisa Horsley (Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum)
Staff attending: Debbie Campbell, Lorna Engels (Lorna arrived later due to another meeting)


  • The Committee approved the minutes from the April 18, 2018, meeting.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 10:55 AM.


  • The Committee will have four new members for 2018-2019, assuming all of them accept the invitation to serve. Three of them will replace current Committee members whose terms are expiring (Kelly, Amanda, and Jen); a fourth will take over Lisa’s spot- she has decided to leave the committee since her job responsibilities are changing and are no longer directly related to resource sharing. The 2018-2019 Committee members will meet in person at the CARLI Office in July or August, depending on everyone’s schedule.
  • The CARLI staff members are adapting well to the remodeled office and have been using the reconfigured space for various events, including an institute for new library directors, along with acquisitions and cataloging training.
  • Registration for the Instruction Showcase (May 31 at Dominican University) officially closed on May 14, with 83 registrants. CARLI will accept late registration through the end of May 16.


  • Annual Project:
    • The CARLI Board will have its next quarterly meeting on June 15, at which time it will review the annual project.
      • The deadline for submitting the project is May 31.
      • The Committee decided to set May 23 as the due date for a final draft of the project, giving Debbie and Lorna a week to review it and make any changes.
    • The Committee reviewed the current version of the project in the shared Google doc.
      • At this point, no major changes are needed.
      • The various Subcommittees will complete their assigned tasks by the May 23 deadline (see specific tasks below).
  • Fall Forum:
    • Committee members looked over the responses to the CARLI member survey on topics for the Fall Forum, which is still scheduled for Thursday, October 25, at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield.
    • Topics that received particular interest from respondents included budgetary concerns, consortial sharing, and working with publishers.

Tasks assigned

  • Eric will compose the June listserv question, on library workflows in reporting, and searching for, missing items. He will send a draft to the Committee for review.
  • For the annual project:
    • Thomas and Amanda will modify the wording of the introductory overview.
    • Eric, Sarah, and Thomas will add a few charts to the section on the membership survey and write the accompanying narratives.
    • Jen and Rand will incorporate some additional examples of ILL workflows and PDA/POD use, from Loyola, UIUC, and possibly other institutions.
    • Belinda and Kelly will finish determining which articles to include in the annotated bibliography.
    • Sarah will continue overall editing of the project as the various Subcommittees complete their assigned tasks.
  • For the fall forum:
    • Committee members will reach out to colleagues who may be interested in presenting at the Fall Forum.
    • Debbie and Lorna will draft a “call for presenters” and send it to the Committee for feedback before distributing the announcement to the listserv.

Meeting Dates

  • The next meeting is scheduled for 10:00-11:30 AM on Wednesday, June 20. Kelly (or a volunteer) will take the minutes.
  • Schedule of Resource Sharing Committee Meetings:
    • Meetings will be held via conference call on the third Wednesday of each month, from 10:00 to 11:30 AM.
    • June 20, 2018