Resource Sharing Committee Meeting: April 18, 2018

Conference Call

Members attending: Belinda Cheek (North Central College); Eric Edwards (Illinois State Library); Kelly Fisher (Eureka College); Lisa Horsley (Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum); Rand Hartsell (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign);  Thomas Mantzakides (Morton College); Amanda Roberts (University of Illinois Springfield); Sarah McHone-Chase (Northern Illinois University); Jennifer Stegen (Loyola University)
Members absent: none
Staff attending: Debbie Campbell; Lorna Engels


•    Approved Minutes for March 21, 2018 meeting.


  • CARLI Updates
    • Instruction showcase at Dominican. Registration opens today
    • Cataloging training coming soon, May 22-23.
    • 3 or 4 new Resource Sharing Committee members next year
  • Listserv Topics
    • A survey was recommended, but there was question of “survey burnout”
      • What resource sharing related topics would you like to see presented/discussed at such an event?
      • What issues do you feel are the most pressing to resource sharing today?
      • If “Best Practices” was a topic, it’s good to be specific
      • Damage “guidelines,” what is considered damage vs. normal wear/tear
        • Right now it’s a negotiation between patron and owning library
    • Debbie and Lorna will work up a few survey questions which will take place of listserv question for May
  • Annual Project status
    • Late survey response was included
    • Create sub-groups to concentrate on multiple projects
      • Debbie will draft a web page to visualize the structure for the sub-committees.
      • Communication will depend on subcommittee’s needs
      • Debbie can set up conference calls for those interested
  • Andy Meyer Webinar
    • Positive feedback from Committee members who watched the Webinar
    • Now archived on CARLI website
  • Fall Forum
    • The Fall Forum will be at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library on Thursday, October 25, 2018.
    • Lisa reported there’s essentially no registration limit.
    • 61 people attended last Resource Sharing Committee Forum in 2013
    •  Lisa reported that the ALPL has four rooms that hold about 40 each, plus two larger rooms

Tasks Assigned

  • Debbie and Lorna will generate survey questions for Fall Forum topics
  • Committee members offered help on specific sections of annual project
  • Watch for email noting each assignment

Meeting Dates and Deadlines

  • Future Meeting Dates (3rd Wednesday of the Month, 10:00-11:30 via teleconference)
    • May 16 – Eric Edwards (or volunteer), Minutes
    •  June 20  - Kelly Fisher (or volunteer),  Minutes