Resource Sharing Committee Meeting: April 18, 2017

Phone Conference
Members attending: Eric Edwards (Illinois State Library), Kelly Fisher (Eureka College), Marcella Nowak (College of DuPage), Rand Hartsell (University of ILLinois at Urbana-Champaign), Amy LeFager (National Louis University), Sarah Mueth (University of Illinois at Springfield), Sandra Engram (Illinois College of Optometry), Thomas Mantzakides (University of Illinois at Chicago), Jennifer Stegen (Loyola University Chicago)
Members absent: none
Staff attending: Debbie Campbell, Lorna Engels


  • Minutes from 3/21/2017 Marcella will email revised minutes.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 12:00.


  • •    CARLI Announcements
    • Friday, March 24 12:30-1:15 CARLI will host another reports mini-webinar. This one will be on statistics for ACRL and IPEDS.
    • 2 spots are available for the Cataloging in-person training May 17th and May 18th.
    • The Instruction Committee is accepting proposals until May 1st.
    • Please register for the ILL open house at Eureka and ICC if you are planning on attending.


  • Annual Project
    • Amy generated data for 2016.  We now have data for all 5 years.
      • 44 libraries for borrowing and 42 for lending
      • Data shows there was a drop in requests from 2012-2016.
    • Reciprocal libraries have been separated out and includes 24 academic libraries.
      • Debbie clarified I-Share "reciprocal" means going to the library in person to pick up book.
    • There was a huge increase from 2014-2015.  Possible because of ILLINET delivery survey requirement.  Eric will follow up with Gwen Harrison about why the increase.
    • Should we look at more data – fill rate? Such as, lending requests placed vs. requests filled. Articles vs. Books?  Out-of-state vs. In-state?  Why was there a drop from 2012-2013?
    • There are different variable when libraries are reporting stats. We should probably make a note of this in annual report.
      • There is raw data available – Marcella will compare institutions by type.
    • Annotated Bibliography – Arrange articles by specific topic with controlled tag vocabulary.
      • We have a total of 42 articles. Look over summaries by May 5th and add tags. Use someone else’s tag first if it applies. We will discuss at the next meeting.
  • Email List   
    • Jen has received very few responses for her list-serve question, 5 so far. Jen will provide a summary to the list-serve and include the procedures Loyola uses for their POD service.
    • Kelly will provide the May list-serve questions which will be a follow-up for Google Scholar.
  • Other
    • Thomas asked about I-Share policies for Alumni at the University of Illinois.  Debbie will look into the policies at the 3 campuses.
    • Eric asked about the CARLI strategic plan. Their next board meeting is May 23rd.

Tasks assigned

  • Marcella will look at data and compare institutions by type.
  • Arrange articles by specific topic with controlled tag vocabulary by May 5th.
  • Jen will provide summary of POD service results to list serve.
  • Kelly will send out the next poll question for April on Google Scholar follow-up.

Meeting Dates

  • The next meeting is scheduled for May 16, 2017 from 10:30a – 12:00p. Eric Edwards will take notes.