Resource Sharing Committee Meeting: March 21, 2017

Phone Conference
Members attending: Eric Edwards (Illinois State Library), Kelly Fisher (Eureka College), Rand Hartsell (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign), Marcella Nowak (College of DuPage), Amy LeFager (National Louis University), Sarah Mueth (University of Illinois at Springfield), , Sandra Engram (Illinois College of Optometry), Thomas Mantzakides (University of Illinois at Chicago), Jennifer Stegen (Loyola University Chicago)
Members absent: none
Staff attending: Debbie Campbell, Lorna Engels

  • Meeting started 10 minutes late due to phone issues with both local and Chicago connections.
    • Debbie and Lorna had to join by cell phone.
    • Rand was unable to get through initially and filed a support ticket.


  • Minutes from 2/21/2017 approved
  • The meeting was adjourned at 11:30am


  • CARLI Announcements   
    • Thursday, March 23 CARLI will host another reports mini-webinar. This one will be on statistics for ACRL and IPEDS.
    • The Public Services Committee held the first Makers Space last Friday. There will be 2 more. April 3rd at the Winnetka Public Library and Northwestern University. April 25th at the Harold Washington Library and IIT.
    • Friday, April 28th Collections Management Committee will hold forum on collections assessment and ILL data analysis.
    • June 15th National-Louis University will be hosting an Instruction Showcase. Proposal deadline is Friday, April 7.
    • CARLI has a call out for volunteers on various committees.


  • Annual Project
    • Amy was able to get into the reports and after talking to help was able to get reports in the old format which had an added field for institutions. She has started analyzing the data and Debbie has condensed some of the data down to make more comparable data sets. Still lots of holes in data.
    • Others will look at the articles still open on our list and see which ones are the most pertinent to our topic.
    • The last two years have moved away from the more traditional white paper. We can now use whatever format will best present our work.
    • We will also need to write-up a summary for the CARLI Board. This should include a paragraph on how and why we chose our project along with a paragraph summary of the project itself.
  • Email list
    • Kelly is getting good responses for her list-serv question, 23 so far. People seem to be responding more since we have started sending final summaries of our gathered data. We are adding in late responses into our final tallies.
  • Open Houses
    • Our UIC open house has 15 people coming so far. Lorna will open up the Eureka College one next week.
    • Kelly will do a smaller version of her finding Open Access articles before creating an ILL request presentation entitled “Can I Google (Scholar) That for You?” at Eureka’s Open House. She has also submitted it to ILA and ALA.

Tasks assigned

  • Amy and Debbie will see what kinds of data they can come up with in the reports. Amy will try and have results available by April 11th so we can look at them before the April 18 meeting.
  • The rest of us will go through the articles that are still open and write annotations for them. This should be done by April 11th so that everyone will have time to consider which articles will be best for our annual project. Any notes added to the citations will be helpful. The results will be discussed at the April 18 meeting.
  • Jen will send out the next poll question on Purchase on Demand recommendation programs.
  • We will have shared document writing allowing for input from all sides.

Meeting Dates

  • The next meeting is scheduled for April 18 from 10:30a – 12:00p. Jennifer Stegen will take notes.