Resource Sharing Committee Meeting: January 17, 2017

Conference Call

Members attending: Eric Edwards (Illinois State Library); Sandra Engram (Illinois College of Optometry); Kelly Fisher (Eureka College); Rand Hartsell (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); Amy LeFager (National-Louis University); Thomas Mantzakides (University of Illinois at Chicago); Sarah Mueth (University of Illinois Springfield); Marcella Nowak (College of DuPage); Jennifer Stegen (Loyola University Chicago).
Members absent: None
Staff attending: Debbie Campbell, Lorna Engels


  • Approve Minutes from December 20, 2016 meeting


  • CARLI Updates
    • Tomorrow at noon a mini reports webinar will be held.  Information on how to access the webinar is available on the CARLI calendar.  Advance registration is not required.  
      • Several mini-webinars (30 minutes each) are planned throughout the spring.  
    • Libraries may still participate in the collaborative collection development project which involves working together to avoid duplicates in purchasing.
    • CARLI is still interested in surveying past and current committee members about their experiences serving on a committee and what could be improved.
    • The Public Services Open Houses on Makerspaces in Libraries have been announced. The first one will be held at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on Friday, April 28.
      • IIT and Chicago Public Library will also host Public Services Open Houses.
  • Thomas will speak with colleagues at the UIC Richard J. Daley Library about planning a Resource Sharing Open House later in the spring.


  • Great Lakes Resource Sharing Conference Proposal
    • The conference proposal will be based on the annual project which is available as a Google Doc.  A possible topic involves tracking ILL requests that are available through Open Access.  Because the annual project at this point consists of two annotated lists of resources and a bibliography, there was a question if that was enough for a substantive conference presentation.  There is also the option of submitting a poster session (15 min. lightning talk or 45 min. breakout session).
    • The titles of possible presentations are “Explorations in open access and resource sharing” and “Can I Google (Scholar) that for You?: Using Internet Resources to Fill Patron Article Requests.”
    • Today (January 17th) is the deadline to submit a proposal (title, description, and abstract).
    • Three people will be listed as presenters. (Marcella, Kelly and Amy)
    • The conference will take place in Oak Brook, IL in June.  The proposal may also be presented at a future ILA conference.
  • Annual Project
    • ILLINET SURVEY: Libraries are now able to input the 2016 data but not many libraries have submitted this information yet.
    • Amy has been able to generate some data for the ILLINET Survey but also had issues collecting data from 2013-14 and 2014-15.She only looked at academic libraries.
    • Amy and Jen have posted their questions about running the annual reports to the shared Google Doc on technical issues.
    • Eric mentioned that there’s a possibility of having a webinar of some kind in regards to creating reports.  He’ll check with Gwen to find out the status of offering such a webinar.
    • Debbie uploaded readings to a Box account. 
    • Discussed doing an annotated bibliography and having committee members claim an article to read and summarize for everyone.
    • Amy will share notes on an annotated bibliography via e-mail (with a link to the Google Doc) by the end of this week.  
    • We may still upload any additional readings we find (we are not limited to what has already been posted).
  •  Listserv topics
    • 16 replies were submitted to this month’s question about international lending/borrowing for Interlibrary Loan materials.  Only one library said they don’t lend or borrow at all.  It looks like none of the libraries that responded are charging for anything.
    • Eric suggested posing a question about makerspaces to the listserv for February’s topic (e.g. “Does your library lend or borrow maker kits?”)  
    • Discussed collating responses to the monthly discussion topics and summarizing them in a spreadsheet; this may encourage people to engage more.  It was also recommended that our committee members respond to the monthly listserv questions.
    • Topic ideas document is available in Google Docs.
  • Resource Sharing Open Houses:
    • ICC and Eureka College will be holding the downstate Open House either the week of May 15th or 22nd. There will be two total; one central and one up north.
    • CARLI makes a "Save the Date" announcement as soon as the date is confirmed – the ideal would be to do so at least 6 weeks in advance.
    • Thomas will speak with colleagues at the UIC Richard J. Daley Library about planning the CARLI Resource Sharing Open House later in the spring.

Meeting Dates

  • Future Meeting Dates (3rd Tuesday of the Month 10:30-12:00 via teleconference)
    •  February 21 - Sarah Mueth Notes
    •  March 21 - Marcella Nowak Notes
    •  April 18 - Jennifer Stegen Notes
    •  May 16 - Eric Edwards (or another volunteer) Notes
    •  June 20 - Sandra Engram (or another volunteer) Notes