Resource Sharing Committee Meeting: May 19, 2016

Conference Call

Members attending: Susan Duncan (UIU), Sandra Engram (ICO), Kelly Fisher (Eureka), Amy LeFager (NLU), Jeff Ridinger (ISU), Jennifer Stegen (Loyola)
Members absent: Bryan Clark (ICC), Marcell Nowak (COD), Sarah Mueth (UIS)
Staff attending: Debbie Campbell and Lorna Engels


  • Minutes of the May 5th meeting were approved.  Bryan will send revised minutes to Debbie.

CARLI announcements:

  • The new I-Share libraries are currently going through training.
  • The search for the new director is moving forward.

Tasks assigned:

  • Annual Project:
    • Jeff will submit the annual report to Debbie by May 31st.  He will send it out to the committee a few days early for approval.
    • Have annotated bibliography converted from bullet points to narrative by May 25th.
    • Amy will edit the annotated bibliography on May 26th.
    • Sandra will finish going through the OA resource list.
    • Jeff will insert links to the narrative.
    • Jen will add OA definition to the narrative.
    • Completed annual project needs to be sent to Debbie either by May 31st or June 1st.
    • Debbie will post to the CARLI web page and will forward to CARLI colleagues who will print a copy for the board.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines:

  • Next Meeting: Thursday, June 16th, Susie Duncan, minutes
  • Nominate next chairperson for the committee at the June 16th meeting.  The committee will have 3 new members for next year.