Draft- Resource Sharing Committee Meeting: April 16, 2015

Conference Call

Members attending: Kathleen Bloomberg (Illinois State Library), Susan Duncan (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Sandra Engram (Illinois College of Optometry), Sandy Harris (Olivet Nazarene University), Amy LeFager (National-Louis University), Bryan Clark (Illinois Central College), Marcella Nowak (College of DuPage)

Members absent: Jeff Ridinger (Illinois State University), Jennifer Funk (McKendree University)

Staff attending: Debbie Campbell, Lorna Engels

Staff absent: None


  • CARLI Updates
    • Voyager released 9.1.1. but CARLI hasn’t had a chance to review it yet.
    • Ebook Symposium is May 7th at the I-Hotel in Champaign.  Registration is still open.
    • CARLI is still taking volunteers for committees.  Please let your staff know in case they are interested.

Discussions and Tasks Assigned

  • Minutes Approved from March 19th
  • Discussion of questions emailed to the group, by Debbie about the Copyright webinar and Janet Brennan Croft.
    • We are thinking of doing one webinar mostly on ILL.  However, if there are other topics that she is interested in touching on we could look at those too.
    • We are thinking of a live webinar of 60 minutes.  No more than 90 minutes.
    • We are thinking it would fit best in October if she is available.
  • Listserve Topic
    • April topic will go out after the meeting.
    • We decided to wait until the May meeting to come up with a new topic.
  • Discussion/Wrap-up of the Open Houses
    • Everybody has appreciated the opportunity to put names and faces together.
    • The Item Tracking Report and ONU was a hit.
    • The hosting libraries have said that it was enjoyable to show off their process.
    • CARLI will send out a Survey Monkey after the last open house to get feedback.
    • We talked about maybe doing videos next year as well as the in-person visits.
  • Continue work on the “OCLC document (Best Practices, Recommended Procedures, or Suggested Workflows?)”
    • Debbie will send out a Doodle poll for a meeting at the beginning of May.
    • Bryan will read through the document and make suggestions on it as a whole.
    • Kathy will work on the pros and cons for the Mediated vs Unmediated based on the results from the listserv question.
    • Susie will write a new overview/introduction.  Marcella will review it once it is written.
    • Debbie will work on the Voyager Tips and Tricks.
    • Amy will work on the ILLIAD Tips and Tricks

Meeting Dates and Deadlines

  • Next meeting will be in early May, as determined by the Doodle poll to work specifically on the OCLC document.
  • Next regularly scheduled meeting is May 21.