Resource Sharing Committee Meeting: June 5, 2014

Conference Call

Members Attending: Kathleen Bloomberg (Illinois State Library), Susan Duncan (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Jennifer Funk (McKendree University), Sandra Harris (Olivet Nazarene University), Sarah McHone-Chase (Northern Illinois University), Matt Ostercamp (North Park University), Amanda Pippitt (Millikin University), Deirdre Rawls (Robert Morris University), Jeff Ridinger (Illinois State University)
Staff Attending: Debbie Campbell, Lorna Engels


  • Minutes approved.
  • Suggestions to CARLI on committee project/white paper: provide more guidelines in order to curb confusion.
  • Committee will wait for new members before deciding what/any undertakings for Fall. Will hopefully get feedback from the white paper and plan based on that.


  • Shelflister 3 is live and CARLI is looking into feedback.
  • There is cataloging training on Thursday and Friday at CARLI office; ContentDM training on June 4th.
  • New committee members have been invited but not official.
  • Jeff and Jennifer volunteered to co-chair the committee.
  • EBL in library catalog; committee determined very useful but had questions on when the consortium “owns” the books (how many check-outs? Can you tell if a book has been purchased by the MARC record?).
  • White paper is available online in the Board of Directors agenda for June 6, 2014.  

Tasks Assigned

  • Amanda will post to the listserv repeating May’s question about "Older delinquent accounts for lost/damaged materials" to receive more responses; there was good discussion on listserv recently on other topics and this one may have been missed.
  • In July, the committee will send an email out to the listserv inviting to read the white paper.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines

  • July 3, 2PM Conference Call

Planning Lead Times

  • Requiring 4 or more months planning
    • CARLI systems training
    • CARLI committee events (e.g., forums)
    • CARLI joint meetings (e.g., committee chairs, liaisons, etc.)
  • Requiring 2 or more months planning
    • CARLI committee meetings held offsite
    • CARLI continuing education “informal” event held at CARLI office (e.g., a hackfest)
  • Requiring 1 or more months planning
    • CARLI committee meetings held at the CARLI office
  • Requiring 1 or more weeks planning
    • CARLI committee meetings by conference call only