Preservation Working Group Meeting: February 27, 2012


Members Present: Julie Mosbo, Chair, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; Bonnie Parr, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library; Ross Griffiths, Illinois State University; Katie Risseeuw, Northwestern University; Cason Snow, Northern Illinois University

Members Absent: Rob DeLand, VanderCook College of Music; David Bell, Eastern Illinois University

Staff Present: Elizabeth Clarage

Recorder: Katie Risseeuw

Approval of Minutes from December Meeting

CARLI Newsletter Contributions

  • Ross this week
  • Julie in Feb for March – Preservation Week
  • Bonnie in March for April – Learning about Preservation Techniques/Continuing Education d.Katie in April for May – topic?

Update on Collections Care II Workshop

  • Registration – Should we keep registration to 1 member per institution?
    • Please let Elizabeth or Julie know you will be attending the workshop. Committee members can work as helpers. At the previous workshop, there were about 6 working group member helpers, which is a good number.
  • Presentations – Julie will present about withdrawing books. Andrew Huot and Bonnie will present the hands-on section instructing how to make different types of protective enclosures. If anyone else wants to present, there is probably time. The draft agenda will go out this week (Feb 27- March 2)
  • Supplies – Julie or Ross will check to see what supplies CARLI members should bring, such as scissors, to share. Bonnie has a surplus of books dummies that she will bring.

ICPN Workshops

As part of the IMLS Connecting to Collections grant, Illinois Collections Preservation Network (ICPN) is putting on disaster response workshops.
CARLI can advertise these educational opportunities, but cannot fund or help host.
Julie will write up a short paragraph to put in the CARLI newsletter this month (deadline tomorrow).
ICPN Workshops are: March 27 in Carbondale, April 18 in Tuscola, May 10 in Macomb, June 11 in Naperville, and July 9 in Freeport.

Ideas for FY13 Webinars, Forums, Workshops, etc.

We should be thinking about ideas for future programming since workshops/etc should be submitted to CARLI about 6 months in advance.

Brainstorming topics:

  • Creating a Preservation Plan
  • Various aspects of mold – identification, treatment, causes, environment
  • Preservation needs
  • Illinois Fire Safety Institute (IFSI) book burn and recovery workshop – possibly working with ICPN on this?
  • Ask a Preservation Expert Blog– people submit photos, we give our opinion as to treatment of issue
  • Preservation Assessment explanations/help
  • Should we do more workshops? Or shorter webinars/podcasts?
  • Homework –think of more ideas and flush out some of these ideas

Announcements/Other Business

  • NEH Preservation Assistance Grants:
    • Write up a blog entry – Bonnie will help Julie write up an entry and then we can publicize in CARLI newsletter next month. Perhaps repetition will help the message sink in.
  • Next year the Pres WG will need a new chair, as Julie is rotating off. Rob is also leaving, so the committee needs 2 more people. Feel free to volunteer anyone who is suitable.
  • Preservation Week updates:
    • SUIC – Julie will have students in a public area doing repairs to highlight their hidden department.
    • Northwestern – daily demonstrations for students on various preservation topics, lab tours.