Preservation Working Group Meeting: August 26, 2011

CARLI Office

Members attending: David Bell (Eastern Illinois University), Rob DeLand (VanderCook College of Music), Ross Griffiths (Illinois State University), Julie Mosbo (Southern Illinois University Carbondale), Bonnie Parr (Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum), Cason Snow (Northern Illinois University)

Members absent: Katherine Risseeuw (Northwestern University)

CARLI Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage

Guests: Susan Singleton, CARLI


Rob DeLand

The new CARLI approved format for meeting minutes is available and should now be used for meeting notes.

Reviewed Today’s Agenda

Introduce New Members

David Bell (Eastern Illinois University)
Bonnie Parr (Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum)
Cason Snow (Northern Illinois University)

Communication / Meeting plans, 2011-2012 

Julie and Elizabeth explained our Preservation Working Group’s charge, meeting schedule, CARLI wiki, and expectations for email communication in support of the activities as discussed below. All members are asked to read and approve April 18, 2011 minutes by initialing the wiki. In-person meetings are held in August and once “after the spring thaw.” Additional meetings are held via VOIP every other month, typically lasting ~1 hour. See dates below.

Announcements / Discussion

CARLI director Susan Singleton spoke to the group prior to our meeting, reviewing latest issues and plans for CARLI. Topics talked about included: patron driven acquisitions, RFP for an e-book consortium, 5 copy recommendation based on research completed at OhioLink and Orbis Cascade, and a new discovery network.

The CARLI Last Copy Project was discussed, as mentioned in July 28, 2011 CARLI newsletter. The Internet Archive is now taking deaccessioned items.

Preservation Webliography

The webliography content and scope were explained by Julie. Topic ownership was updated for the new membership, as follows:
David Bell: Grants and Development ; Mold, Pests, and the Environment
Elizabeth Clarage: Exhibits, Protective Enclosures and Storage
Rob DeLand: Assessment Planning, Legal Issues, Library Binding
Katie Risseeuw: Supply Vendors, Blogs and Listservs, Glossaries
Ross Griffiths: Special Collections and Archives, Training, Other
Julie Mosbo: Disaster Planning and Response
Bonnie Parr: General Preservation and Conservation Resource Sites; Book Repair and Conservation Cason Snow: Audio-Visual Preservation, Digital Preservation and Digitization for Preservation

  • Review all current links in your section
  • Email links or corrected links to Elizabeth

CARLI Newsletter Contributions

September newsletter – Disaster-Immediate Response ideas by Rob, due end of August
October newsletter – Book Marks by Cason, due end of September
November newsletter – Hopeless items - when to say goodbye/when to withdraw a book by David, due end of October
December newsletter – Preservation Resolutions ??? - Julie, due end of November
January newsletter – Outdated preservation techniques, lamination, book tape, animal hide glue, leather treatments, silking, togic binding - Ross, due end of December
February newsletter – Exhibits ??? - Bonnie, due end of January
March newsletter – Preservation Week, April 22-28, 2012 - Julie, due end of February
April newsletter – ??? - Katie, due end of March (See Preservation Working Group wiki for additional future topic ideas)


  • The Illinois Fire Service Institute workshop held on June 30, 2011 was a success. Feedback was all very positive. Future workshop possibilities were discussed. Ross suggested a survey of (1) what people would like to see in workshops; and (b) how far they were willing to travel. Specific workshop ideas included:
  • Book Repair II workshop for Spring 2012. Possible location Springfield or Heartland Community College in Normal. This workshop would focus on brittle books, enclosures, when to withdraw, etc. Bonnie has taught how to make clamshell boxes using corrugated cardboard. She believes this will only take 2 hours. Another type of enclosure discussed was a tuxedo box. This workshop will probably take place during Preservation Week, April 22-28, 2012.
  • An ICPN workshop is planned for March / April 2012 at SIUC and throughout Illinois during the spring/summer of 2012; Julie offered a possible CARLI tie-in (see for past example)
  • Wet / mold presentation (summer 2012?)
  • A basic book repair institute (later in 2012?) We will explore details for these in our next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:15pm.

Future Meeting Dates

The meeting schedule for 2011-2012 is as follows:
Monday, October 17th @ 8:45am (login / 9-11am VOIP – login details TBA)
Monday, December 12th @ 8:45am (login / 9-11am VOIP)
Monday, February 27th @ 8:45am (login / 9-11am VOIP)
Wednesday, April 12th @ 8:45am (login / 9-11am VOIP)
Friday, May 11th @ 10am (In-person meeting to be held at CARLI office, Champaign)