Preservation Working Group Meeting: June 17, 2013

Conference Call

Members attending: Ross Griffiths, Chair, Illinois State University; Lorraine Olley, University of Saint Mary of the Lake; Bonnie Parr, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum; Cason Snow, Northern Illinois University; Katie Risseeuw, Northwestern University

Members absent: David Bell, Eastern Illinois University; Julie Wroblewski, Benedictine University

Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage, Nicole Swanson


  • Bonnie Parr was selected to take minutes.
  • Spring program: Discussion has been postponed until the first meeting of the new Preservation Committee.
  • Meeting was adjourned at 9:30 am.


  • Ross Griffiths and Katie Risseeuw, whose terms are ending this year, and Cason Snow, who is moving out-of-state, were thanked for their service and contributions to the CARLI Preservation Working Group.
  • New term for the Preservation Committee:
    • Bonnie Parr was chosen as the chair, starting July 2013.
    • There are three new members coming onto the committee, pending their acceptance.
    • The goal is to have 8-9 members serving on the Preservation Committee to bring it up to the size of other CARLI committees.
    • Email Elizabeth and Nicole with names of potential volunteers with preservation knowledge and they will contact the individuals.
  • The Mold remediation workshop went well; there were 55 participants and overwhelmingly positive feedback.
  • Newsletter:
    • Cason is submitting his article about “Shelving Commandments” for June.
    • Lorraine will submit her article in July.

Tasks Assigned

  • Preservation Webliography:
    • Group members asked to check links.
    • Notify Elizabeth by June 26 of any updates and “dead” links, so that the webliography will be up-to-date for the new Preservation Committee.
  • Fall Webinar:
    • Cason will notify the committee by the end of July about his availability to be a presenter.
    • Lorraine will write a short “Save-the-date” announcement by the first week in August.
    • Bonnie will act as moderator for the webinar.

Meeting Dates

The first meeting of the Preservation Committee will be an in-person meeting in the CARLI offices in Champaign; date TBA (in July or August).