Preservation Working Group Meeting: February 25, 2013

Conference Call via AdobeConnect

Members Attending: Ross Griffiths, Chair, Illinois State University; Bonnie Parr, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum; Katie Risseeuw, Northwestern University

Members Absent: Lorraine Olley, University of Saint Mary of the Lake; Cason Snow, Northern Illinois University; Julie Wroblewski, Benedictine University; David Bell, Eastern Illinois University

Staff Attending: Elizabeth Clarage, Nicole Swanson


  • Katie Risseeuw is the recorder for the meeting.
  • Spring Mold Remediation Workshop will be held at the Newberry Library on May 10th. Ross will get information from the speakers about their talks and write up a blurb that will go into the February newsletter. We will send out Save the Date emails soon with descriptions of the presentations. The registration site will be set up by April 1. We decided to have a slideshow of photos of mold that will loop before the meeting, so if anyone has good pictures, send to Elizabeth and she will put it all together. Elizabeth brought up the idea of arranging conservation lab tours for attendees of the workshop. There would be a limited number of spots.
  • Publicizing the CCAHA / NEH conservation assessment grants – we can do this by forwarding the email. Someone from the group should do it so it comes from a preservation professional instead of CARLI staff. Ross is going to see if he is on the appropriate email list.


  • Check your webliography links.
  • Review and initial the December minutes.

Tasks Assigned

  • Elizabeth will check with The Newberry Library for permission to arrange tours.
  • Ross will contact workshop speakers for details of their talks and write up a short blurb for the CARLI newsletter.
  • Next 2 newsletter articles:
    • Preservation Week - Lorraine - February 2013 for March newsletter
    • Impact of an hour - Julie - March 2013 for April newsletter
  • Julie is working on a blog post: Disasters

Next Meeting

  • April 29, 10 a.m., in-person meeting at the CARLI Office