Public Services Working Group Meeting: March 15, 2012

Conference Call

Members attending: Jane Currie (LUC, chair); Sue Franzen (ICC); Andrew Lenaghan (JOL); April Levy (COL); Sean McCarthy (IIA); Matt Rutherford (NBY); Marianne Ryan (NWU); Bruce Stoffel (ISU)

Members absent: Sandra Fritz (ISL)

CARLI staff attending: Jennifer Masciadrelli


  • Approved minutes of the February 2012 meeting.
  • CTA, Metra, and parking information will be sent to CSU open house registrants 7-10 days in advance of the event.
  • Adjourned at 1:45 PM.


  • Members should register for the CSU open house using the form at the CARLI website.
  • Members are asked to notify Jane of plans to attend the CSU open house.
  • Members are asked to notify Jane of willingness to volunteer to help as needed on that date.
  • Bruce, Elizabeth, Marianne, Sean, and Jane have already indicated their plans to attend.
  • The CWG-PSWG joint program will be held Thursday, 7/12/12 at Joliet Junior College.
  • Elizabeth is confirming David Stern's willingness to present at the CWG-PSWG joint program.
  • Other planned speakers for the CWG-PSWG joint program are Carla Tracy of Augustana College and David Green of Northeastern Illinois University. Jane has offered to present on a collection development-related topic as part of a to-be-planned panel or breakout session.

Tasks assigned

  • Jane will contact Sue about several logistics-related questions concerning the CSU open house.
  • Marianne will contact CSU speakers in case of any concerns we can help to resolve.
  • Marianne will contact CSU planners to confirm that a room has been assigned for each session.
  • Marianne will also inquire with CSU planners about photocopying materials for distribution during registration such as a schedule for the day. (Note that CARLI can provide folders for these materials, if desired).
  • Marianne will contact speakers from Illinois State University in case of any concerns we can help to resolve and to ask for a biographical sketch that could be included with other materials distributed on the date of the open house.
  • Bruce will draft a message announcing open registration and send it to Jane.
  • Jane will forward the message to Jen for distribution.
  • Jen will take care of the e-mail distribution as well as inclusion on the CARLI calendar and newsletter.
  • Bruce will also distribute the message to Chicago area librarians using the same lists he generated for the save the date announcement.
  • All members are asked to send speaker suggestions on the topics of services and resources for "hidden communities" such as adjunct faculty members and use of library space for non-library functions such as writing, tutoring, or faculty development centers to Andrew and Matt for discussion by the CWG-PSWG joint program planners.

Meeting dates

The next PSWG meeting will be held via conference call between 1:00 and 2:00 on Thursday, 4/19/12.

Minutes recorded by: Jane Currie