Public Services Working Group Meeting: December 15, 2011

Conference Call

Members attending: Jane Currie, Chair (LUC), Andrew Lenaghan (JOL), Sean McCarthy (IIA), Matthew Rutherford (NBY), Marianne Ryan (NWU), Bruce Stoffel (ISU), Sandra Fritz (SU), Susan Franzen (ICC)

Members absent: April Levy (COL)

Staff attending: Jennifer Masciadrelli, Elizabeth Clarage


  • The November minutes were approved.


For the CSU event:

  • Susan talked to CARLI and found out that funds for the lunch at the CSU event would be provided by CARLI. This lunch will be a box-style and delivered to the CSU Library for the lunch hour.
  • Marianne, through conversation with CSU’s Director, formalized the program for the event: “Space as Service” is the selected title for the program at CSU in April. Two drafts were created to bring to the PSWG group, with the intention that either one would be acceptable to CSU.
  • Jane asked that the group take a look at the two program drafts. If there were any concerns, comments, or suggestions, we could communicate them through our email list.
  • Elizabeth noted that after discussing and choosing a program for the CSU event, it would be good to draft a “save the date” document that CARLI could send out to all libraries. It was decided that producing this document by February would give enough time to get the word out about the CSU event in April.
  • Pending question (Bruce): Will CSU Library faculty be leading the breakout sessions, or will there be a need to bring in outside speakers? Marianne is planning a follow-up with CSU and will address this with them.
  • Under the “general topics” heading in the wiki, is an “open house” link where it was decided that the group keep working documents for the CSU event. This will help the present and future group have access to necessary event planning information.

Collections/PSWG combination meeting:

  • Discussion revolved around initial planning for a combined event. The collections group had been thinking about a summer event which would deal with faculty instruction/education.
  • The combined working group is planning on meeting after the PSWG meeting on Friday, December 16th.
  • A possible format for the event would be a plenary session (keynote or panel) followed by breakout session. This would be a one day event.
  • Collections working group has developed a list of possible breakout topics.
  • Possible locations for the event could include the western or north suburbs. Northwestern and Dominican were mentioned as possible specific locations.
  • It was noted that a location should be able to hold the expected attendees, have facilities for lunch – on campus, or nearby and be accessible by car or public transportation.
  • Matt asked the group to think about possible speakers or participants for the event. He will circulate the list of proposed sub-topics (created by the Collections group) to the members of the PSWG.
  • Some issues to consider: Whether or not the speaker(s) would be in or out of state. If the speaker is out of state, acquiring funds for that person would mean asking the Programs Planning Committee, which needs a six-month window of time. This would mean a speaker decision would have to be made by the middle of January. If there is no honorarium, we would only need a four-month lead time.
  • Jane asked, if would be possible, could there be a common work space to the combined group to keep their working documents, similar to what PSWG has currently on their wiki.

Tasks Assigned

  • (Group) Review the two program drafts for the CSU event. Discussion on the programs drafts will take place at the January meeting.
  • Bruce and Elizabeth will work on drafting the “save the date” document, which CARLI will send out.
  • Take a look at existing documentation in the open house link to add to the current documentation already collected for the CSU event.
  • Bruce and Elizabeth will take a look at the existing document in the “open house” link. After they finish, the working document will be copied and pasted into 2012 event link – Bruce, Marianne and Sue can then add their documentation for the CSU event.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines

The next working group meeting is scheduled for 1 p.m., Thursday, January 19th. This will be a meeting teleconferencing service.