Public Services Working Group Meeting: November 17, 2012

Conference Call

Members attending: Jane Currie, Chair (LUC), Andrew Lenaghan (JOL), Sean McCarthy (IIA), Matthew Rutherford (NBY), Marianne Ryan (NWU), Bruce Stoffel (ISU)

Members absent: Sandra Fritz (ISL), Susan Franzen (ICC), April Levy (COL)

CARLI staff attending: Jennifer Masciadrelli
Staff absent: Elizabeth Clarage


  • Sean McCarthy was chosen as note taker because Andrew arrived to the call late. Andrew will take notes at next meeting.
  • The October minutes were approved and Jen will move the October meeting minutes.
  • Jane proposed the WIKI be cleared of inactive links, and Jennifer suggested the creation of an archive on the site where old projects could be kept for future reference. This archive will be located under the strategic planning section.


  • Bruce and Marianne updated the group on the the Spring Open House subgroup's recent visit to Chicago State University (CSU). Three PSWG members met with CSU staff to discuss programming and space plans. Space will not be an issue, but parking could possibly be difficult. Suggestions about adding warning language to open house literature and urging attendees to carpool and use public transportation were made. Lunch preparations and support for media during presentations will need to be made when the attendee numbers and session topics are determined. Jennifer mentioned CARLI paying for attendee lunch should not be a problem, and Jane liked the idea of having lunch in the small dining room off of the main CSU dining room. Single institution attendee caps were also addressed and will be revisited along with overall attendee cap and lunch arrangements in December. PSWG members and CSU staff shared their ideas for possible open house topics. A 9:30am - 3pm time frame for the open house was discussed, with 2 or 3 possible breakout sessions throughout the day. It is still undecided if the open house will have repeating sessions or unique sessions. CSU is working on ideas for marketing the open house and is looking for a list of public services librarians and networking groups to approach through CARLI.
  • Jane communicated with the Collections Working Group about the possible joint program in June or July 2012. Topics for the program were discussed and it was noted that requests for speakers must be made by December.

Tasks Assigned

  • Bruce, Marianne and Susan will continue to work with CSU for programming the Open House. Topics will be determined by Dec. 14th.
  • Andrew and Matt volunteered to contact the Collections Working Group (CWG) to explore possible program topics and begin work on the joint project. Jane will provide CWG information to Matt & Andrew and will also extend invitations to Sandy and April to assist Matt & Andrew on the project.
  • Sean will post draft minutes of this meeting on the PSWG wiki and notify all members. Members attending the meeting are asked to review and approve (initial) the minutes in advance of the December 15 meeting.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines

The next working group meeting is scheduled for 1 p.m., Thursday, December 15. This will be a meeting teleconferencing service.