Public Services Working Group Meeting: September 15, 2011

Conference Call

Members attending: Jane Currie, Chair, (LUC), Susan Franzen (ICC), Sandra Fritz (ISL), Andrew Lenaghan (JOL), Sean McCarthy (IIA), Matthew Rutherford (NBY), Bruce Stoffel (ISU)

Members absent: April Levy (COL), Marianne Ryan (NWU)

CARLI staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage, Jennifer Masciadrelli


  • The group decided to seek additional policies from CARLI libraries one more time. The clearinghouse will only be made public if and when additional policies are collected. Currently, only policies from current and previous PSWG members are part of the clearinghouse. The group will continue discussing the viability of the policy clearinghouse project at the October meeting.
  • As no progress was made on a fall webinar/workshop due to a busy start to the fall semester, Jane suggested the group table the event and concentrate on planning the open house at Chicago State University in April 2012. As a result of the need for lead time, it is now too late to plan a fall 2011 event. The group agreed to focus on planning a webinar/workshop for fall 2012 beginning in January 2012.
  • Bruce, Susan and Marianne decided to split up responsibilities for the open house between programming, logistics, and marketing. Bruce let the group know the task force decided to set up a conference call with representative of Chicago State University. Jen responded that she could assist with setting up the conference call. Jane and Sandy offered to help plan the open house. Elizabeth said advanced information from Chicago State regarding payment for food is necessary.


  • Bruce sent an email to Charlene at Chicago State to confirm the PSWG’s interest in holding an open house. He asked her to send a confirmation that they will hold the open house and have the space necessary to do so. Bruce hopes to receive an affirmative between now and the October meeting. Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 27 at 1:00, a week later than usual due to the Illinois Library Association Conference.
  • Using Adobe Connect, the individual members will test the connection beginning at 12:45. If all members wanting to attend the meeting are able to connect by the 1 p.m. meeting start, the meeting will proceed using Adobe Connect. If any member wanting to attend the meeting is not able to successfully connect using Adobe Connect, the meeting will proceed using the teleconferencing service used by the group in September.
  • Elizabeth or Jennifer will send directions for Adobe Connect to members in advance of the October 27 meeting.

Tasks Assigned

  • Members intending to attend the October 27 PSWG meeting are asked to log into Adobe Connect 15 minutes prior to the scheduled meeting start time to test their access to the system. Elizabeth will disseminate instructions to members for using Adobe Connect and for using the teleconferencing system.
  • Sean and Matt will request public service policies from member libraries for the PSWG Policy Clearinghouse.
  • After receiving confirmation of interest and space requirement for the open house at the Chicago State University (tentatively scheduled for Friday, April 27, 2012), the task force will work with Jen to set up a conference call with representatives of Chicago State to discuss programming and logistics.
  • Susan will post draft minutes of this meeting on the PSWG wiki and notify all members. Members attending the meeting are asked to review and approve (initial) the minutes in advance of the October 27 meeting.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines

The next working group meeting is scheduled for 1 p.m., Thursday, October 27. This will be a virtual meeting, using either Adobe Connect or a teleconferencing service. Working group members are asked to attempt to log into Adobe Connect at 12:45 p.m. that day to test the system.