PSWG Meeting: May 14, 2013

Conference Call via AdobeConnect

Members attending: Jane Currie, Loyola University Chicago; Susan Franzen, Illinois Central College; Andrew Lenaghan, chair, Joliet Junior College; Sean McCarthy, Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago; David Stern, Illinois State University

Members absent: Anne Buchanan,  Saint Xavier University; Leslie Rios, Lincoln Land Community College; Marianne Ryan, Northwestern University

Staff attending: Jennifer Masciadrelli

Staff absent: Elizabeth Clarage


  • Minutes of the April meeting will be posted to the wiki shortly.
  • Webinar review and future plans:
    • Comments received to date have been positive overall.
    • The start of the webinar was delayed when not all registered participants were logged in at the start time. A delayed start should not be a recommended future practice.
    • Future webinars should be promoted with a clear description of the planned content so that prospective attendees know what is planned.
    • Future webinars will be recorded live.
    • The moderator needs to be sensitive to monitoring the time used by each presenter compared to the planned webinar schedule so that all presenters have the expected time to present their content.
    • Presenters will be recording their content so that CARLI can make it available to attendees and others who are interested but did not attend. A summary description will be prepared so that prospective viewers know what to expect in the recordings. Viewers will also be provided with a link to an opportunity to participate in ongoing discussions about library space redesign. This link may go to the CARLI public services-focused e-mail list, a wiki, a blog, or some other online discussion forum.
    • The PSWG will consider planning an in-person event that continues the webinar's presentations and discussions.
    • David and Marianne will be collaborating with two members of the Instruction Working Group to plan a future program. Instructional spaces might be a component or a focus for this program and could connect to the webinar presenters or presentations. The program could be an open house at a library with a new instructional space. The planning group might look to the webinar attendees for prospective hosts and participants.
    • Rosanne Cordell of Northern Illinois University contacted the PSWG about a possible future event on reference and/or instruction assessment. Andrew is waiting for a reply from her.
  • Website update:
    • The CARLI webmaster has suggested that libraries upload video tours or other space-related content to their own preferred platform (such as YouTube). The CARLI website would link to those videos.
    • An alternative might be for the PSWG to create its own YouTube channel and ask libraries to upload their contributions there. The CARLI website would link to that channel. Jen will ask the CARLI webmaster whether this option is acceptable. It will require that the PSWG create a procedure for approving uploaded videos. A draft call for contributions is ready for distribution as soon as these technical decisions have been reached.
  • The meeting adjourned at 12:10 PM.

Tasks assigned

  • Jen and Elizabeth will continue to plan for the recording of the webinar presentations.
  • Jen will discuss the possibilities for a PSWG YouTube channel with the CARLI webmaster.

Meeting dates

Next Meeting: Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 6/18/13 from 11:30 and 1:00 via AdobeConnect.