PSWG Meeting: April 18, 2013

Conference Call via AdobeConnect

Members attending: Andrew Lenaghan, chair, Joliet Junior College; Sean McCarthy, Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago; David Stern, Illinois State University

Members absent: Anne Buchanan, Saint Xavier University, Susan Franzen, Illinois Central College; Leslie Rios, Lincoln Land Community College; Marianne Ryan, Northwestern University

Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage, Jennifer Masciadrelli

Discussion and Decisions

  • Andrew was selected to take minutes.
  • Webinar planning
    • “Library Space Remodels/Redesigns: Lessons Learned” is scheduled for Friday April 26th at 10:30 a.m. Brian Beecher (Elgin Community College), Carla Tracy (Augustana) and Lisa Richmond (Wheaton College) will be the presenters for the morning.
    • Each presenter will receive 7-10mins for their presentation of the space that they have redesigned.
    • Elizabeth will handle the microphone/audio rights for the webinar.
    • Andrew will moderate and ask questions that get typed into the chat area. The questions will be asked after all the presentations are completed.
  • Communication with Roseanne Cordell from NIU
    • Andrew received an email from Roseanne Cordell, Associate Dean for Public Services at NIU. There was an inquiry into whether or not the PSWG would be interested in working on, or might already be working on a session/workshop that would touch on topics related to assessment within reference and instruction. The communication indicated that NIU would be willing to work on creating a workshop if it was something that was of interest.
    • The committee responded with questions regarding whether or not NIU would charge CARLI for use of space for the event, if it was larger than 35 people, whether or not this was a program that would be created solely by PSWG, what type of size group were they looking for, and what date range would this take place (optimally PSWG would think a time between Oct-Dec of 2013 would work)?

Tasks Assigned

  • Webinar Planning
    • Andrew will send out an email to all the presenters asking for their bio information, so it can be given at the beginning of the webinar.
    • Jen and Elizabeth will send out the connection instructions for all the participants.
    • Jen and Elizabeth will work with the presenters to test each person’s connection prior to the webinar at 9 a.m. on the 26th.
  • Andrew will follow-up with an email to Roseanne regarding the questions raised by the committee, after sending the initial communication out to the entire group for feedback.

Meeting dates

Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 5/14/13 between 11:30 and 1:00 via AdobeConnect.