PSWG Meeting: February 25, 2013

Conference Call via AdobeConnect


Members attending: Anne Buchanan, Saint Xavier University; Jane Currie, Loyola University Chicago; Susan Franzen, Illinois Central College; Andrew Lenaghan, chair, Joliet Junior College; David Stern, Illinois State University

Members absent: Sean McCarthy, Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago, Leslie Rios, Lincoln Land Community College; Marianne Ryan, Northwestern University

Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage, Jennifer Masciadrelli


  • Minutes of the 1/31/13 meeting were approved in advance of the meeting.
  • Webinar plans:
    • Brian Beecher from Elgin Community College is a confirmed webinar presenter. Our goal is to have a total of about three presenters.
    • Several revisions will be made to David’s draft call for presenters. CARLI will distribute the revised version to CARLI Public Service Interest Group and Directors e-mail distribution lists. Responses will be due by March 11th.
    • Received responses will be sent to PSWG members as they are received by CARLI. Collected responses will be sent as a single document shortly before our next meeting.
  • Instruction Working Group collaboration:
    • Andrew is waiting for a reply from Julie Murphy, his contact in the Instruction Working Group regarding this possible project. He will follow-up and inquire about what planning the Instruction Working Group has already done for a spring or summer program.
    • If the Instruction Working Group wants to proceed, Andrew will suggest that a sub-group from each working group begin an initial event plan. We will suggest a June or July event. We hope that our webinar call for presenters will provide prospective event speakers or leaders.
  • Library video project:
    • Release of the redesigned CARLI website is planned for March. The videos component has been a challenging aspect of the redesign and is still under development. Where PSWG videos will be placed within it has not been determined.
    • The method for submitting and uploading PSWG videos has not been determined. Consideration will be given to the large size of video files, the importance of creating a straightforward submission procedure, and the prospective use of file sharing sites for submissions.
  • The meeting adjourned at 12:30 PM.

Tasks assigned

  • Jen and Elizabeth will proceed with distributing the webinar call for presenters. They will distribute responses as received.
  • Andrew will contact Julie Murphy of the Instruction Working Group and report back on their event plans and whether a collaboration is still of interest.

Meeting date

Next Meeting: Our next meeting is scheduled for March 21st from 11:30 and 1:00 via AdobeConnect.