PSWG Meeting: January 31, 2013

Conference Call via AdobeConnect

Members attending: Anne Buchanan, Saint Xavier University; Sue Franzen, Illinois Central College; Andrew Lenaghan, Chair, Joliet Junior College;  David Stern, Illinois State University

Members absent: Jane Currie, Loyola University Chicago; Sean McCarthy, Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago; Leslie Rios, Lincoln Land Community College; Marianne Ryan, Northwestern University

Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage; Jennifer Masciadrelli


  • David shared that colleagues would like to see better subject searching capabilities and numbered results in VuFind, among other requests. He recommended surveying CARLI libraries to get a sense of other needs. According to Jen, a VuFind 2.0 upgrade is being investigated and enhancements may be possible. Jen sent a list of proposed enhancements, including status and priority to the committee. It is possible to add additional recommendations to this list. In fact, the next review will be sooner rather than later. The group decided that group members with recommendations should send those to the CARLI Support email for addition to the proposed enhancement lists.Webinar Update: No responses to the posted forums/online conversations. The group discussed how to encourage more responses. The group decided to forgo posting new threads and move forward with a webinar on library spaces in general to garner interest for instruction library spaces collaborative project with the instruction team. The PSWG webinar would be held in late April for about an hour. Possible date discussed is April 26th from 10:30-11:30.
  • Collaboration project with I-Share Instruction Team Update: The group decided to move forward with the collaboration project with the I-Share Instruction Team.
  • Library video project update: Jen’s recommendation was to put this project on hold until the new CARLI website is up and running. The group will discuss the video project at the next meeting, including decisions on technical guidelines and location storage. Then, a call will be made for video projects.

Tasks Assigned

  • For webinar: Andrew will contact Brian at Elgin Community College to see if he would be interested in speaking on library spaces.
  • David will draft an email calling for individuals who would like to share lessons learned from building changes.

Meeting Date

Next Meeting: The next meeting is scheduled for February 25 at 11:30 a.m.