Public Services Committee Meeting: March 16, 2022

Zoom / Conference Call

Members attending: Caitlin Archer-Helke (Saint Xavier University), Jessica Bastian (Illinois Central College), Krista Bowers Sharpe (Western Illinois University), Chad Kahl, co-chair (Illinois State University), Cynthia Kremer, co-chair (Joliet Junior College), Ashley McMullin (DePaul University), Nestor Osorio (Northern Illinois University), Arlie Sims (Columbia College Chicago), Lesley Wolfgang (Saint John's College of Nursing)

Members absent: Krista Bowers Sharpe (Western Illinois University), Lesley Wolfgang (Saint John's College of Nursing)

CARLI Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage, Denise Green

Board Liaison: Spencer Brayton (Waubonsee Community College)


  • CARLI Office will send an announcement of the CDL program this Friday, March 18.
  • Chad and Cynthia will serve as moderators for the CDL program; Ashley and Caitlin will be chat monitors. Chad will provide an introduction of the program and topic. Cynthia will moderate the Q/A panel discussion.
  • Title of the panel: Controlled Digital Lending: A Discussion.

Tasks Assigned

  • Minutes taken by Nestor Osorio.
  • Elizabeth/Denise will request registration to be created for the PSC program.
  • Cynthia will contact the panelists and share the program format, the questions, and query if they have any additional questions.


  • Member Announcements:
    • Chad Kahl (Illinois State University) The Library has filled three tenure-track positions. Masks are optional in the building, except in the classrooms were they are required.
    • Cynthia Kremer (Joliet Junior College). Cynthia has been selected as JJC Faculty of the Year. Interviews for the college president are in progress. The Library is hiring some adjunct positions. Masks are required until the end of March.
    • Arlie Sims (Columbia College Chicago) Masks continue to be required.  The library is interviewing for their manuscript archivist.
    • The position for Access services / ILL librarian has been approved.
    • Caitlin Archer-Helke (Saint Xavier University) Saint Xavier University has a new Provost who will start later this summer.
    • Jessica Bastian (Illinois Central College) Library is busy working on the campus transition from Blackboard to Canvas. Masks are still required.
    • Ashley McMullin (DePaul University) Hiring an IDEA coordinator, also an AUL for Collection Development and Discovery. The position for Access Services is still open. Masks are still required.
  • CARLI Announcements:
    • CARLI will be hiring for three positions: Library Services Coordinator - CARLI Electronic Resources; Library Services Coordinator - CARLI User Services; and another will be announced.
    • Gordon Fellows and Kristine Hammerstrand will be retiring.
    • Events. April 6: Commercial Products Committee is hosting the Accessibility in Libraries Forum. The Professional Development Alliance has a whole schedule of programs that are available on the CARLI calendar.
    • Two new committees. The Discovery Primo VE, and the E-Resources Management Committees have been formalized.


  • For the panel, there was a discussion about how to organize the participations of attendees. Questions will be only received in the chat. The session will not be recorded.
  • The panelists will have ten to fifteen minutes to respond to four questions from the original interviews. Moderators will read the questions.
    • What factors affected your decision to use/not use CDL?
    • What have your learned in the process of considering and or implementing CDL?
    • What are the barriers to implementing CDL?  (E.g., staffing, technology)
    • Many libraries considered CDL at the beginning of the pandemic. What would you consider the broader benefits of CDL over time?
  • A short review of the data collected will be presented by the moderator at the beginning of the program. Chad will work on a draft.
  • From the Resources Guide Group. The group has finalized the categories, some written language has been added to the entries. The group will meet the 2nd week of April.

Next Meeting Dates and Deadlines

Committee Meetings: the next meeting is April 20.

Committee Meetings:
May 18, 2022
June 15, 2022