Public Services Committee Meeting: March 18, 2020

Zoom / Conference Call

Members attending: Caitlin Archer-Helke (Saint Xavier University), Krista Bowers Sharpe (Western Illinois University), Aaron Harwig, co-chair (College of DuPage), Cynthia Kremer (Joliet Junior College), Nestor Osorio, co-chair (Northern Illinois University), Elizabeth Sterner (Governors State University)

Members absent: Jessica Bastian (Illinois Central College), Chad Kahl (Illinois State University), Lesley Wolfgang (Saint John’s College of Nursing)

Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage, Denise Green


  • February minutes approved with minor corrections.

Tasks Assigned

  • Minutes taken by Caitlin Archer-Helke.


  • Member Updates:
    • College of DuPage is now online only through at least April 20. Only essential staff are on campus. Circulation staff are prepping chrome books.
    • JJC is closed for now with many things to be determined.
    • NIU is open to students with all classes virtual. The dorms and dining halls are open. Library is open at limited times and limited number of people allowed in. Flexibility allowing for working from home; all reference services will be done virtually.
    • WIU’s spring break has been extended. Classes starting up again on Monday, only online. Library open only to WIU cardholders; reference entirely online.
    • SXU Library introduced limited hours. Building use is  supposed to be limited to card holders only. Classes are moving online.
  • CARLI Updates:
    • CARLI has canceled all in-person programming through April 30th.
    • Our in-person event has been  switched to virtual only.
    • April 30th workshop on messy data has been postponed; it will be held in the fall.
    • I-Share
      • Batches are not being run; patrons will not be blocked for overdue items.
      • Alma/Primo VE remains on track.
      • Library delivery suspended as of yesterday, through at least March 31st at which point it will be re-evaluated.
      • Voyager documentation can be more easily accessed now.
      • Alma and Primo VE are completely web-based, making it easier for us to do things from home.
      • Documentation will be more easily accessible.
      • We should be able to customize from home thanks to the web-based thing.
      • Open office hours tomorrow will continue and the topic will be on  migration form updates. This is about the first massive forms we filled out, looking to see if we need any additional changes. The new form will be due relatively quickly. There will still be virtual discussions.
      • As of now, the deadlines remain firm.
      • Office hours are now at 2, and are recorded.


  • Annual Project
    • Subcommittee Updates
      • Streaming (formerly In-Person) Meeting
        • In-Person component cancelled due to Coronavirus.
        • Streaming component is still scheduled for Thursday, April 2.
        • Additional meeting planned today from 11-12 Wednesday, March 18.
        • Thank you to Cynthia and her colleagues for working with the committee and to hold the program at  JJC.
        • Logistics will be discussed at our upcoming meeting (at 11 AM).
        • Material and information coming together now; tentative agenda is in place.
        • All presenters are aware that they will present by Zoom; CARLI is confident we’ll have a program on April 2nd. (Yay!)
        • We have more than 100 registrants right now; most in-person people have switched to virtual.
        • Do remember to switch your registration from in-person to virtual!
      • User Guides/Tutorials
        • Subgroup members will be virtually presenting in the April 2nd program!
        • Discussing materials, what people like, don’t like.
        • Working to put together a presentation for April 2nd.
      • User Experience/Usability/Customizing Primo VE
        • Chad and Jessica have presentations but aren’t available today.
        • Reached out to other institutions including Niamh McGuigan at Loyola University Chicago. She will present. Loyola does not have Primo VE but does have Primo.Chad confirmed for usability basics.
      • Discussion of next steps
        • Slides?
        • How does Zoom function?
          • Attendees will see slides.
          • Presentations will be separated, recorded as discrete presentations. The recording will not be one giant presentations.
          • Box or slides?
          • We may request that presenters share their own PowerPoints or slides, which will also be submitted to CARLI in case of problems.
  • Next steps
  • Goals/tasks for next meeting
  • Important dates for Annual Project
    • Drafts finished by Friday, May 15
    • Discuss drafts at the Wednesday, May 20 meeting.
    • Final project submitted by Friday, May 29
    • What does a final project entail?
      • Discussions of what this can be.
      • Different formats, modes of delivery, et cetera
      • Can look through CARLI website to see what others have done.  
    • We’re all good with the dates.

Next meeting date

  • Wednesday, April 15, 2020, 10:00 – 11:00 AM CDT, by Zoom
  • COVID-19 update: we plan to continue our virtual meetings and do what we can as we go.