Public Servcies Committee Meeting: December 18, 2019

Zoom / Conference Call

Members attending: Caitlin Archer-Helke (Saint Xavier University), Krista Bowers Sharpe (Western Illinois University), Aaron Harwig, co-chair (College of DuPage), Chad Kahl (Illinois State University), Cynthia Kremer (Joliet Junior College), Nestor Osorio, co-chair (Northern Illinois University), Reina Williams (Rush University), Lesley Wolfgang (Saint John's College of Nursing)

Member absent: Elizabeth Sterner (Governors State University)

CARLI Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage, Denise Green


  • The committee decide to not include the subgroup Box links in the minutes.
  • The committee decided that the subcommittee working on Customization of the Primo VE Interface will merge with the User Experience and Usability of Primo VE subcommittee.
  • The November minutes were approved with corrections.

Tasks Assigned

  • Minutes taken by Chad Kahl.
  • Staff liaison will ask the Instruction Committee’s liaisons about shifting the members of the Literature Review and Research for Implementing Primo VE into other subcommittees.
  • Elizabeth will move the meeting notes from the Customization of the Primo VE Interface into the meeting notes of the User Experience and Usability for Primo VE meeting notes.


  • Member Announcements:
    • Committee welcomed new members.  Caitlin Archer-Helke is a User Services Librarian at Saint Xavier University and Cynthia Kremer is a librarian with both public services and technical responsibilities at Joliet Junior College.
    • Kahl – At Illinois State University, four library dean candidates will be coming to campus in January.
    • Williams – Rush University just hired a new library information research specialist.  The library will have another staff opening in January.  Rush University Library interviewed director candidates after Thanksgiving and hope to have its new director in place in January.
  • CARLI Announcements:
    • The CARLI Office will be closed 12/24-1/1.
    • CARLI is providing OpenAthens for all Governing members.  The agreement has provisions if a CARLI library has already paid for this product. More specific information will be shared soon. EBSCO will be getting it up and running with webinars, documentation, etc.
    • Two-day Alma workshops will be offered in the new year.  Registration is not open yet.
    • The CARLI Preservation Committee is planning a preservation open house for the spring semester in the Chicago area but date and locations are still being determined.
    • The Created Content Committee is having the Metadata Matters! Cleanup and Reconciliation Using OpenRefine (working title) workshop on April 30 at the I Hotel in Champaign.
    • CARLI Board approved funding for consortial ebooks.


Annual Project

  • Subcommittee Updates:
    • In-Person Meeting/Training
      • The subgroup is looking at dates in March for in-person program.
      • Staff have reached out to two location. Waiting to hear back but did receive an enthusiastic initial response from one location.
      • The subgroup has discussed possible approaches to the training sessions.
      • Discussed reaching out to other CARLI committees and Public Services Committee sub-committees about sharing information at the program. It was noted that the in-person training session may be too late for interaction with some sub-committees due to the implementation timeline.
    • Literature Review and Research for Implementing Primo VE
      • The group did not find scholarly literature about Primo VE given its relative newness, so decided to focus on informal literatures, web sites, conference presentations, etc.
      • The subgroup has asked “What topics should the sub-committee pursue?” There is a page in Box to list suggestions. User Guides/Tutorials is doing a similar search. User Experience/Usability is also trying to identify tasks that could be reviewed through usability testing. Perhaps the work of the three could be coordinated.
      • Might the work of this sub-committee might be merged into the other groups? As there are Instruction Committee (IC) members on this group, that committee would need to agree.
      • Denise and Elizabeth will reach out to the IC staff liaisons and ask about the members of this subgroup moving to another subgroup.
    • Customization of Primo VE Interface
      • North Central College staff gave a helpful demonstration of their customization efforts as a Vanguard institution. Detailed notes are in the sub-committee Box space.
      • As was mentioned earlier in the meeting, the subgroup is consider creating a checklist for members of things to consider for customization.
      • It was helpful to hear about setting up a team to work on the customization.
    • Creating User Guides & Tutorials for Primo VE
      • Worked on populating a Box note with good tutorials and LibGuides from other libraries.
      • The subgroup will be meeting today.
    • User Experience and Usability for Primo VE
      • At their meetings, Kahl shared information about a usability testing process they utilized at Illinois State University for a new web site.
      • Clarage noted that in the subgroup notes the format of URLs for Primo VE instances for libraries. Anyone can use those to review member Primo VE sites.
      • Sub-committee has started a wish list of what would be helpful to do in the system (e.g. citation help).
      • Sub-committee started creating a list of questions for usability testing and have a Box page for other suggested questions
  • Next steps
    • Recommendation to merge Customizing Primo VE and User Experience/Usability Subcommittees into a single group
    • Recommendation was initiated by the staff liaisons of the Instruction Committee to Clarage and Green who brought it to Harwig and Sharpe (subcommittee members). They agreed with proposal and decided to bring to the whole committee.  There was Committee agreement to do so.
    • Discussed merging the Literature Review sub-committee with the Creating User Guides & Tutorials for Primo VE sub-committee and/or the Customizing Primo VE and User Experience and Usability for Primo VE merged sub-committee. Since the Literature Review sub-committee also includes members of the Instruction Committee, Clarage will follow-up with them. Members in Literature Review could potentially go to different sub-committees.
  • Other steps
    • Archer-Helke and Kremer asked about joining sub-committees. Both expressed their willingness to be added where needed. They can join one or more sub-committees that interest them.

Next Meeting Dates and Deadlines

  • The next Public Services Committee meeting will be January 15 from 10-11am.
  • The URL to join the meeting is