Public Services Committee Meeting: June 6, 2019

Conference Call / Adobe Connect

Members attending: Rachel Bicicchi (Millikin University), Aaron Harwig, co-chair (College of DuPage), Chad Kahl (Illinois State University), Joanna Kolendo, co-chair (Chicago State University)

Members absent: Marissa Ellermann (Southern Illinois University Carbondale), Nester Osorio (Northern Illinois University), Katherine Sleyko (Prairie State College), Reina Williams (Rush University)

CARLI staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage


  • Minutes were adopted without revision from May 2nd meeting.


  • Member Announcements:
    • Aaron – Interim president will remain as the new president at COD.
    • Rachel– Millikin University’s presidential search details forthcoming.
  • CARLI Announcements:
    • New members for this committee:
      • Elizabeth Sterner, Governors State University, 2019-2020
      • Krista Bowers Sharpe, Western Illinois University, 2019-2022
      • Joanna Wilkinson, North Park University, 2019-2022
      • Lesley Wolfgang, Saint John’s College of Nursing
    • All CARLI committee webinar July 23rd at 1-2pm.

Tasks Assigned

  • Minutes taken by Chad Kahl. It’s helpful if they are approved by June 30th.
  • Elizabeth is running Adobe Connect.


  • Review of Annual Project
    • Things where Elizabeth asked for feedback:
      • CARLI webmaster asked about a couple of things, and Elizabeth edited to comply with the website design. Committee members agreed with those decisions.
      • Index – CARLI webmaster didn’t want to put the assessment tools as charts as he felt the tools were more useful for future users as PDFs.  They did offer to offer thumbnails.  Committee agreed with how it’s currently displayed without full documents or thumbnails.
    • What’s still in process:
      • Instrument 7 – permissions information still needs to be added
    • What still needs to be done:
      • Introduction
      • Instrument 19
    • What was decided prior to meeting:
      • Elizabeth and Denise removed access dates of websites.
    • What still needs to be discussed:
      • Books
        • Change heading to “Articles, Book Chapters, and Websites.” Remove “Case Studies” since there are not any examples.
        • Some books were linked to publishers sites and others did not have links to publishers, so Elizabeth added link to the one that had full text available and deleted links to publishers sites as access at the sites were to purchase the publication. Discussed whether to add links to the CARLI OPAC records for the rest.  Committee chose to leave it as is.
    • What was noticed by committee members:
      • Library Professional Standards
        • Formatting for “Public Library Association” is different. Elizabeth changed it to match the others. She will remove extra spacing after the meeting.
      • Assessment Methods
        • “Additional Information:” boxes should be removed when there is not additional information available. Elizabeth thought she had caught all of them, so she appreciated the group catching those.
  • Chair/Co-Chair
    • Aaron is willing to continue.  Nestor would be interested in serving as (co-)chair.  Joanna is cycling off.
  • Thanks
    • Aaron thanked everyone for their work this past year.

Next Meeting Dates and Deadlines

Committee meetings: to be determined