Public Services Committee Minutes: October 12, 2018

Conference Call

Members attending: Rachel Bicicchi (Millikin University), Aaron Harwig, co-chair (College of DuPage), Joanna Kolendo, co-chair (Chicago State University), Nester Osorio (Northern Illinois University), Nancy Weichert (University of Illinois at Springfield), Reina Williams (Rush University)

Members absent: Marissa Ellermann (Southern Illinois University Carbondale), Chad Kahl (Illinois State University), Katherine Sleyko (Prairie State College)

CARLI staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage, Anne Craig, Denise Green


1.    Approved minutes from last meeting with spelling corrections.
2.    The Committee will review all the one-paragraph ideas on the topic of student employee or assessment or other at its next meeting and decide the committee’s 2018-2019 annual project at that time.
3. Assigned tasks as described below.


Member Announcements:
    a. Chicago State University’s library to be named in honor of Gwendolyn Brooks. The ceremony will be held October 18.
    b. Nancy Weichert will be part-time position at Millikin University Library and will also be at the University of Illinois at Springfield teaching a credit course.
    c. Rush University’s library recently completed new carpeting and furniture projects. The next renovation will be turning a room into a classroom. They currently have a vacant reference librarian position. In FY2020, they hope to have a paid practicum for UIUC library science student.  
    d. The University of Illinois at Springfield Library will have an opening on October 15 for its new space. UIS has two GAs from UIUC’s library science graduate program.
    e. The College of DuPage (COD) and the College of Lake County will hold Illinois Community College Summit on Open Educational Resources on November 30. Registration is currently open to those from community colleges.  COD president is leaving in January. Also, the library has a new Media Lab opening soon with video and music editing suites and other creative spaces.
    f. The Chancellor at Southern Illinois University Carbondale passed away on Thursday.

CARLI Announcements:
a. See for registration and/or connection information to CARLI continuing education events including:

  • Resource Sharing Forum, Oct. 25
  • CARLI Annual Meeting, Nov. 2
  • New Directors’ Institute, May 15-16
  • Planning an event for those who want to become Library Directors. Speaker suggestions welcome.
  • Voyager Webinars twice a month on Fridays
  • OER Open Call, Oct. 16

b. Joshua Lynch, Visiting Metadata Specialist for the Illinois Digital Heritage Hub, will hold Metadata Open Office Hours every other Friday from 11 – Noon beginning today.  Connection information: (888) 983-3631 (toll-free), conference id: 53822477.
c. I-Share Next RFP is nearly through the procurement process.

d. The IMLS grant, “CARLI Counts” starts October 1 and is continuing education on library data and presentation to larger campus groups. More information will be shared about participating in this program at the CARLI Annual Meeting.
e. CARLI will also be sharing the final version of the CARLI 2020 Strategic Plan at the Annual Meeting. Documents can be found on the website at
f. CARLI is starting sponsorship and fundraising efforts. The CARLI Annual Meeting has five sponsors. CARLI staff is creating a web page for fundraising.
g. CARLI staffing changes include, Connie Walsh, CARLI CFO, will be retiring, Gordon Fellows has been promoted to Director of System Services, and Bradley Woodruff is a new staff member for library application support.
h. Kendall College has merged with National Louis University and their library holdings are now in NLU’s local catalog and in the I-Share database.
i.  The OER Task Force has created a tri-fold pamphlet on open textbooks that can be printed as is or modified with local information. It is available from the Open Illinois Initiative portion of the CARLI website.

    1. Aaron and Joanna presented a draft of their Annual Meeting presentation. All gave suggestion on the slides and topic.

    2. Several Annual Project ideas were discussed including:

    a. Best Practices and case studies of library student employees, especially training for public service points.
    b. Assessment of Academic Library Public Services:
i. Transaction counting and struggles with consistency in recording and sorting Reference type transactions. What makes a “count” into a true assessment?
ii. Student Workers’ role in assessment and data collection.
iii. Accreditation, library annual reports and annual national surveys all require data about public services in different ways. (e.g., IPEDS, ACRL, ARL, HLC, AAHSL, READ scale and other instruments have diverse definitions and goals.)
iv. Collaborating and responding to Library organization and campus reporting offices is often a challenge to librarians who do data collection and compiling library data.
v. Templates and best practices needed for presenting data outside the library.
vi. Communities of practice, a workshop, documented best practices or templates could be final format of the committee’s project on assessment.

    3. Collaboration with Technical Services Committee on Change Management Forum in March 2019 at the proposed location of the University of Illinois at Chicago. The group discussed pros and cons of participating in a planning subgroup, afternoon session or other levels of involvement. Due to timing and other commitments, there may not be a person available for a planning sub-committee.

Tasks Assigned

    1. Minutes taken by Rachel Bicicchi and Denise Green.
    2. Each committee member will write a paragraph to share with the group by Oct. 26. Please define an idea for the annual project and briefly describe the finished product. They will be posted on a Google docs page.
    3. Co-Chairs will tell the Technical Services Committee that we want to participate in March Forum at least at the level of an afternoon session. They will also send a message to the entire committee if anyone is interested and available for a planning sub-committee as there are members not attending today. If there is someone interested and able, the chairs will forward that information to the Technical Services Committee’s co-chairs.
    4. Denise will ask Instruction Committee about their Annual Project plans.
    5. Aaron and Joanna will finish their Annual Meeting slides/presentation and send to the committee for comment.
    6. Elizabeth and Denise will draft the Annual Meeting one-page report on committee’s 2017-2018 annual project based on the full report and send to the committee to review.
    7. Elizabeth and Denise will create a Google document for committee members to add their one-page paragraphs on the annual project topics.

Next meeting dates and Deadlines

1.    Next meeting date: Thursday, November 1, 2018 2:00PM-3:00PM by phone.
2.    Paragraphs for annual project discussion added to Google doc (link information shared after the meeting) by October 26.