Public Services Committee Meeting: August 11, 2016

Conference Call

Members attending:

Raeann Dossett (Parkland College); Susan Franzen, (Illinois State University), co-chair; Joanna Kolendo (Chicago State University); Colleen Shaw (Heartland Community College); Richard Stokes (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); Julia Venetis (Elmhurst College).

Members absent:

Marissa Ellermann (Southern Illinois University Carbondale); Anne-Marie Eggleston Green (Kishwaukee College); Cory Stevens (Lake Forest College), co-chair.

CARLI staff attending:

Elizabeth Clarage; Denise Green.


  • No announcements from committee members.
  • CARLI Report: In person annual meeting Nov. 18th in Champaign at the I-Hotel Conference Center. Anne Craig may be joining us for future meetings as she continues to learn about the organization.


  • Approved May and July minutes.
  • Finalized newsletter article.

Tasks assigned:

  • Sue will send newsletter article to Michelle Haake.
  • Elizabeth will send newsletter article out to public services ig listserv.
  • Sue will try to get a list of makerspaces in Illinois libraries from the Milner task force.
  • Sue will draft the call for video participants.


  • Discussed newsletter article for toolkit.  

Annual Project and Open Houses discussion:

  • Projects for 2016-17: Brainstormed the idea of more open houses, and the focus of our annual project. 
    • Makerspaces; Managing Social Media (Hootsuite); managing devices.
    • Makerspaces and other technology in the library.
    • Social media/Managing social media.  Mention of  Hootsuite. Could relate to the personal knowledge webinar we did two years ago?
    • Makerspaces:  What they mean for users and how the library can play a part. Columbia might be a good place for information.  Milner has a task force who is researching how to put it together—Sue will see if they have a list of library makerspaces.
    • User Experience:  Can this encompass makerspaces, social media and technology?  Enhancing the user experience.
    • How does this relate to PR and Marketing?

Any other committee who is working on areas that might overlap with ours?  

Productivity Tools List discussion:

  • Discussed putting out a call to last year’s open house presenters inviting them to submit a short video presentations that would be linked to the toolkit. Info that needs to go out in the call for these materials:
    • Technical Specs: To run on CARLI web site the video can recorded via Adobe connect, or provided in mp4 format. Alternatively, a YouTube video can be linked to our toolkit.
      • Content:
      • Overview, what product looks like visually
      • Personal information: How I use it, how it saves me time or helps me do my job.
      • Ask that the information augment rather than simply repeat what is already presented in the toolkit.
      • Deadline:  Agreed it would be best not to put out such a call until mid-September, so we can think about this.

Next meeting:      

Thursday, September 15, 2016, 1:30-3:00pm