Public Services Committee: March 10, 2016

Conference Call

Members attending: Jennifer Sauzer, Co-Chair, Columbia College Chicago; Julia Venetis, Co-Chair, Elmhurst College; Becky Brown, College of DuPage; Anne-Marie Eggleston Green, Kishwaukee College; Raeann Dossett, Parkland College; Cory Stevens, Lake Forest College; Richard Stokes, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Susan Franzen, Illinois State University; Paula Garrett, Illinois Math and Science Academy

CARLI staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage, Denise Green


  • Committee members:
    • ISU/Heartland CC Open House tomorrow (3/11/16).  The final agenda was sent 3/10/16. About 30 are registered.
  • CARLI Report
    • The Senior Director of CARLI job posting was announced.  Committee members were asked to please share posting. The title change of this position was explained as aligning this job with the University of Illinois title naming scheme, not a duty or authority change.
    • Take note of Brandon Gant’s email to change passwords of CARLI site.
    • The Annual Report for the Committee is due end of May also.


  • COD/Wheaton College Open house wrap up.
    • Denise has asked the COD presenters for copies of handouts/PowerPoints for the CARLI website.
    • Committee members thought that the Open House was timely, helpful and inspiring.
  • Other tools being explored for the final project. Members were asked to add additional tools and details for the final project to the list on the shared working space on-line. Additional tools were suggested such as employee scheduling tools – “When to Work,” “Schedule Source-Teamwork” and data analytics software.
  • Discuss Final Project timeline and assign responsibilities for completing it.
    • Ask next year’s committee to add and update template? Is there another way to share without charging future committees with work?
    • Final project will be summaries of tools presented at open houses, and additional product information. The final project is due at the end of May. The Committee consensus is to have the project finalized by May 20. The project document will be presented to the CARLI Board.


  • Open Houses:
    • A new survey for feedback on open house was reviewed and approved.
  • Final Project:
    • The decision was made to include Open Room and other scheduling software.
    • The committee viewed the present template as having sufficient data (with the addition of Open House tools) to present as the final project.
    • The organization of the document was discussed and it was decided it needed an intro paragraph, the Chart, with Notes following.

Tasks Assigned

  • Anne-Marie Eggleston Green took minutes.
  • Open Houses
    • Denise will ask Wheaton College presenters for their presentations to add to the CARLI website.
  • Final Project
    • CARLI staff will investigate the technical difficulties with the online form that committee members reported.
    • Becky at COD will add in Media Scheduling to the document.
    • Susan will add other open house presentation software.
    • Becky will write the introduction paragraph for review at the April meeting.
    • All members will add additional info to the template as soon as possible.

Next Meeting Date and Deadlines

  • March 11: Open Houses
  • April 1:  Open House
  • Our next conference call is Thursday, April 14, 2016 at 1:30 p.m.