Public Services Committee Meeting Minutes: November 12, 2015

Conference Call

Members attending: Jennifer Sauzer, Co-Chair, Columbia College Chicago; Julia Venetis, Co-Chair, Elmhurst College; Becky Brown, College of DuPage; Susan Franzen, Illinois State University; Paula Garrett, Illinois Math and Science Academy; Anne-Marie Eggleston Green, Kishwaukee College

Members absent: Raeann Dossett, Parkland College; Richard Stokes, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage, Denise Green


  • CARLI Report
    • CARLI Annual meeting Nov. 13, 2015 will celebrate the 35th I-Share Anniversary.
  • I-Share Next wrapping up – Look for update in next CARLI Newsletter.
  • ILEAD Assessment project (Jen)
    • Jen, Anne Marie, and others presented a database tool that a developer is now working on to incorporate the EZProxy logs.  Jen will alert the PS Committee when the website is up.
  • Elizabeth created a group web document for planning for the spring Open Houses.


  • Open Houses
    • College of DuPage (COD)/Wheaton College (Becky and Paula)
      • COD will demonstrate their implementation of the Voyager Media Scheduler.  March 2nd or 3rd works for COD; Paula will check with Wheaton about date, their preference for AM or PM, the maximum number of people they can accommodate, and library tours.  COD can coordinate the lunches.
    • Columbia College Chicago (Jen and Julia)
      • Columbia will demonstrate the open source project management tool, Asana, which they are using to manage student and staff task assignments and completions.
      • Julia and Jen are in the process of identifying a second library near Columbia.
    • Illinois State University (Sue and ?)
      • ISU will demonstrate an online tool for presenting visual graphics of instructional data.  They also are using a special collections tool, Decipher History, an online website used to transcribe materials.  ISU has recently made changes in their building space and are happy to provide tours.  Preferred dates would be either March 11 or April 1.
      • Although Heartland prefers not to be a site host, someone would come to either ISU or the other host to demonstrate their use of interactive tools for instruction (Kahoot, Poll Everywhere).
      • Sue is awaiting response from Illinois Wesleyan re: hosting.
    • Elizabeth updated the planning document for Open Houses on the PS group webspace based on the information shared in the meeting.  Group members can update the document as needed.
    • The group discussed possibly recording or streaming Open House presentations, but the general consensus was that cost and logistics were prohibitive.  Instead CARLI can host any presentations on its website.  The group will develop a tool matrix website that will incorporate the tools that are demonstrated along with additional ones that are identified.  If possible, we will facilitate a way that future additions can be suggested to the PS Committee.
    • The group discussed using comment cards at the Open Houses for additional suggestions and motivate attendees to complete them with a drawing for CARLI goodies.  We could also consider print handouts.
  • Survey question posted to PS Email List
    • No further responses have been received.
  • Collaborative projects with other CARLI committees
    • Jen and Julia reported back that at this time there are no prospective joint projects so far this year.

Tasks Assigned

  • Paula Garrett took minutes.  
  • Jen, Julia, Sue, Becky and Paula will be following up on the respective Open Houses (see Discussion above), and we will enter updates in open document on CARLI Public Services Committee webspace.
  • We can all be thinking of any additional Committee projects we may want to pursue this year.

Next Meeting Date and Deadlines

Our next conference call is December 10th at 1:30 p.m.