Public Services Committee Meeting: May 14, 2015

Conference Call

Members attending: Rebecca Brown , Co-Chair, College of DuPage; Paula Garrett, Co-Chair, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy; Jennifer Sauzer, Columbia College Chicago; Richard Stokes, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Tori Tracy, Prairie State College: Julia Venetis, Elmhurst College

Members Absent: Anne Buchanan, Saint Xavier University; Raeann Dossett, Parkland College; David Stern, Saint Xavier University;

Staff attending: Debbie Campbell, Elizabeth Clarage, Denise Green


  • Data Analytics Committee
    • They will be meeting soon to review documentation and work on pages for the CARLI website.
    • A database shell will be created at the next ILEAD meeting.
  • RDA Webinar
    • Data from the evaluations is expected on May 20. Debbie noted that so far it has been very positive.
  • E-book symposium follow up
    • The language on the public site will be updated to be more appropriate for post-session use.
    • The table cards will not be incorporated into the site.
    • Paula will make some minor changes to the Navigation and Features section and Jennifer will add some citations to the User Satisfaction section.
    • Becky will draft an e-mail for the Public Services listserv with a summary of the session and a link to the public site.
  • PKM Annual Project
    • Combining the collaborative spaces section with the centers of excellence was discussed, Paula will talk to David.
    • Paula will work on the introduction and include the webinar link.
    • Jennifer and Tori will create screenshots for Zotero, Julie will work on Diigo.
    • Richard will write the wrap up and include links to resources.
  • Annual Report
    • The report looks good, Debbie will look through to copy-edit.
  • Next committee chair
    • Julia and Jen are both interested in being co-chairs next year.
    • Since not all committee members were at the meeting for self-nominations, others who may be interested can still self-nominate for discussion at the June meeting.


  • Denise Green will be the new CARLI liaison to the group with Elizabeth. Debbie will be leaving the group

Tasks Assigned

  • The group will work on finishing up sections for the Annual Project to be ready for Thursday, May 21.
  • The group will meet by phone Tuesday, May 26 at 10am to discuss edits if necessary.


  • Tori appointed minute-taker.

Meeting Date

Next Conference call is June 11 at 10:00 a.m.